Ladies Only

Calling all leading ladies!

Team AOJ Ladies,

I am so proud of the leading ladies on this Team, and I know that this has to be the hungriest and most transparent group of leading ladies on the entire team.  Well if iron sharpens iron then flower pedals rubbing together produces the sweet smell of greatness. Right?

We are going to take our leadership to the next level by running a special Slight Edge 2-4-2 promotion from now until April 22. I am challenging all ladies to do the following for 30 days…

  •  Listen to 2 CD’s a day. 
  • Read at least 4 pages from the book “”Attitude is Everthing” by Jeff Keller.  Four pages a day will complete the book in a month.
  • Show 2 Plans or Bird Dogs every week. 

For those who complete the challenge with flying colors, we will all go on an Exclusive Dream Building Session themed “OUR FAVORITE THINGS”  (Now you know that includes, shoes, homes, diamonds and much much more)

Here’s the catch… The over riding theme of the Slight Edge was “easy to do…easy not to do”.  As leading ladies who are juggling hundreds of things on a daily basis it is easy to over look the BIG rocks of this business.  So the caveat is that we CAN NOT go more than three days without listening to a CD.  What do I mean?  If I miss a week of the aforementioned action items, I am disqualified.  If I neglect to Bird Dog at least 2 times weekly, I am disqualified.  The idea is to do the things consistently, not sand bag and do it all in the last week or so.  You feel me??

Can’t wait to hear your Team Talks on what your learning and implementing. 

Please share your thoughts

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