In the Zone!

Team AOJ,

We spoke a lot at the launch this past week about our entire team working together to lift this organization to higher heights.  After a fired up open meeting, I was getting calls form Larry Cheatham, Joy Saverson, Tommie and Cassandra Mathis, Colby and Adrian Johnson, Joe Hardnett and Rodney Jones all with new distributors for the TEAM!  Tina and I also sponsored a new distributor on Tuesday, and it sounds like we are firing on all cylinders!  I am proud of everyone that is out there showing plans and I want to encourage everyone to keep pressing on.  One of the keys to victory is to not only start strong, but persist and finish strong.  We are going to break a gang of powerplayers, and let the entire TEAM know that AOJ is in the house in Kentucky! Are you in the zone? If not here is a description of what if feels like from Michael Jordan…

“The first one felt so good, I had to take more. I couldn’t miss. The threes were like free throws; they just kept dropping. I didn’t know what was happening. I was in a zone. What can I say? I don’t know how to explain it. You know it’s got to end, it has to, but when? It’s like it doesn’t matter what they do.” 

The first time you go power player it feels so good.  You feel like you cannot ever miss it again.  You do it again and you are in the zone.  When will it end?  There is nothing they can do to stop you… If they book a meeting with you then they are in!


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