Does greatness have parents?

Team AOJ1,

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about those that achieve greatness. What are the unique qualities that the great ones possess that the mere average people do not?  Are the great ones born great?  Were all the great ones raised in perfect nurturing homes that promoted greatness?  Did all the great ones start early? These and thousands of other variables have been analyzed and debated for centuries in an effort to capture the magic formula for greatness.  Most of our world assumes that greatness is the result of some mystical force that sprinkles the lucky ones with “talent” dust.

I do not for a moment want you the reader to believe that I have uncovered the mysteries of greatness in my infinitesimal existence, but I do believe that one can discover the hidden secrets to achieving personal greatness in their own lives.  I believe that God created each of us with the potential to achieve personal greatness, and our mission in life is to uncover that treasure buried in the recesses of our souls and find a way to reach that pinnacle.  Similarly to the story of  Hansel and Gretel, God leaves us a trial of breadcrumbs on the paths of life that lead us to the discovery of our great purpose.  But just like the story, we have a world full of birds of prey disguised as challenges and obstacles that eat up our personal breadcrumbs.

Unfulfilled greatness leaves most of our clues either lost or buried, and as a result many of us retreat to the comforts of the television in an effort to live our greatness through the fictional lives of heroic characters. I believe that God is looking to re-birth your personal greatness.  But before anything can be born there must be parents that come together to form new life.  So who are the parents of greatness in your life?  Do not think for a minute that the luck of the lottery is the mother of your greatness! Most likely we cannot assume that the doldrums of corporate America will father your greatness…Our personal greatness does have parents…Preparation married Hard Work and had a child named greatness. No way around it.  No test tube babies, no donor fathers or surrogate mothers.  Preparation through study, meditation, and prayer combined with an unwavering, relentless, dogged determination to win is the formula to greatness. It does not matter how talented you are.  Talent is an orphan!  Are you preparing and doing the work necessary to be great?  Only you, and God know, but if you are, the world will soon know as well. And when you do achieve all the greatness that God has planned for you, do not let this world give credit to your talent and dishonor your preparation and hard work.

5 thoughts on “Does greatness have parents?”

  1. What a fantastic article, Raymond! I definitely see your growth and I know that it comes from prayer, meditation, reading, associating, listening and hard work. I am so glad to know that I too can follow those same steps to create greatness in my life! “No one has ever achieved greatness by playing it safe.” It is an honor to be in the battle with AOJ1 and we will lead the growth and the development here in the Midwest!

  2. Congrats to Colby Potts for being in the Top 10 Largest CD of the Week Growth!!! Preparedness + Opportunity = Success
    Walk a Mile….See a Mile!!!

  3. Raymond, Raymond, Raymond,

    you have done it again. Great article!! I publically want to thank you for being an outstanding father, excellent husband, terrific business leader and wonderful man of God.

    I read this article and asked myself the question you asked in the opening. Does greatness have parents?

    I would say that the parents of greatness; Hardwork and Preparation must both have their foundation in BELIEF.

    For I believe it is Belief that allows us all to even begin the journey of greatness. In the Book of Mark the word Belief shows up in chapters 9 and 11. The first one is Lord I believe BUT help me with my unbelif. The second akin, What things so ever ye desire when ye pray BELIEVE you shall have them and ye shall receive them.

    So Team AOJ1…let's BELIEVE, PREPARE and WORK to achieve not only our personal greatness but the collective greatness that lies within US!!!


  4. Hi Raymond,
    what an awesome article, it brought tears to my eyes. You and Tina are very very young and are a shining example of what any young person came become. The dedication and hard work that went into what you have become is truely a BLESSING in this climate of things.
    Take care and I look forward to hearing you and Tina speak. Take care

  5. Hi Raymond,
    We want to submit our thoughts on this Great topic. As stated in the article there must be a foundation of belief, strong work ethic and preparation needed in order to get to greatness. Now we must move on that knowledge.

    Hebrews 6:1 tells us in part “…let us Go On unto perfection…” As it pertains to Team MonaVie we're saying let us Go On to Greatness. Sometimes Going On has its moments of difficulty, but that's where belief, hard work and preparation come in. In order to Go On to Greatness we have to leave something and that something is mediocrity. We can’t Go On to Greatness and remain in mediocrity; movement has to take place.

    We know what must be done, and we believe God wants us to Go On because he doesn’t send his word and his blessings for nothing, nor does he expect us to be at the same place year after year without any growth.

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