Team AOJ,

As we more into this exciting new year, Larry, Colby and I have been discussing our performance as leaders in the organization, and the re-occurring theme always seems to resolve around creating a culture of excellence.  How can we as an organization build a AOJ1 culture that inspires us all to strive for greatness?  How can we through our work ethic, study habits, and commitment, raise the tide of this organization so that all of our ships can come in? I heard a quote about this industry from Claude Hamilton, and he stated, “The Leader builds the culture, and the culture builds the team.”

We have always had a vision of LEADING the growth and the development of the TEAM in the Midwest, and now is the time to re-ignite those flames of leadership.  We are the business of pulling leaders up to a higher level of thinking, a higher level of activity, and a higher level of results.  With that in mind we are going to start re-building our culture by running an Each one reach one/Go getter promotion for the February seminar.  Every leader that moves a ticket to the February 6th seminar and shows 15 plans, will qualify to attend a special movie night and leadership meeting.  We are working on a special guest for that meeting as well… Stay tuned.  Also we are starting a new monthly CD listening competition, where the leader that listens to the most CD’s from seminar to seminar will carry the winning “trophy” until someone potentially dethrones them at the next seminar beginning in February.  I know for certain that there is a direct correlation between the number of CD’s and the number of plans shown. So the hungriest leaders will most likely qualify for the movie night leadership meeting as well.

We are determined in 2010 to raise up a team of committed, hungry, results driven leaders, and the ultimate goal is to produce a culture of Powerplayer that dominates the stage at every seminar.  I know that those are bold worlds, and we have stiff competition, but I believe in each one of you, and I know that your leaders will be out front leading the charge.  I encourage everyone to start to listen to your team talks everyday as we plan on using the tools of this system to “pull” everyone to higher ranks this year.  Powerplayers get ready because your work and commitment will be honored!

Is your dream worth your best efforts for the next 30 days?  Are you the hungriest leader in the organization?  Time will tell, and results do not lie.  Keep track of your CD’s, plans and tickets and let your teammates know if you are in the game through team talk and the blog.  See everyone at the top!

2 thoughts on “Culture?

  1. Leaders of AOJ1,

    Just wanted you all to know the love I have in my heart for every member of this TEAM. I want each of you to know that I am praying for you and your families. Lastly, I know that HE wants us to prosper and be in good health even as our souls prosper!!! I find that all to be available through HIM and through the business he placed in all of our laps called TEAM MONAVIE via AOJ1.

    Let's go out and chase our DREAMS as we build a business.

    Success requires Excellence. Average only needs effort!!!


  2. We are in the game with AOJ1 and embrace the culture of each one reach one, go-getter and CD listening. As Polly Harteis taught at the seminar; “when you have a dream, the activity becomes a joy.”

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