Master at work!

Team AOJ,

Team I have been re-listening to the depth pack all week, and what a wonderful reminder of what makes Team unique in the industry.  At Go- Diamond weekend, Orrin Woodward stated that there are very few people in all of networking that can drive depth ten layers person to person to person.  That skill and discipline is one of the major reasons Team has established itself as the top training company in the world.  I had a chance last night to watch one of those select depth drivers do his magic, and Colby is a master at rotating the pattern in depth.

He and I are currently working a depth spot, and he last  night he invited me to see what he has been doing to go person to person, and I thought it would be good to share with the leaders. First Colby and I stop to pick Willie, his new leader that just got started two weeks ago, and he already has led Colby to his first person Joe, that got started last week, and is already one deep in depth.  Chris Brady talks about building  momentum, and that is exactly what Colby is doing in this spot!  We are going to Joe’s house to start the process, and the one thing I have learned is when the master is doing his thing, shut up and take notes…Here is the process…

  1. 8:00 PM: We arrive and make a friend with Joe and Willie for a few minutes. Colby had already gotten Joe and Willie to the open, and they both on their own went to the tool table and bought How to get Started and Powerplayer packs. 
  2. 8:10 PM: Colby takes control of the meeting and asks Joe to define how much money he would like to be earning per year in 12 months? To which he states 50k/year and Colby wrote that at the top of his names list. Colby then asks Joe how many hours per week could he commit to earning the 50k per year? Joe says 20 hours per week. Colby writes that at the top of the names list.  
  3. 8:15 PM Colby then explains and draws out the Powerplayer program of 10/4 and 5/2, and instructs Joe that we need to get him powerplayer in 30 days, and begins to get names and numbers.
  4. 8:45 PM: We have compiled 40 or so names and numbers using the TL 242 Names list and memory jogger, and Colby pulls out the contacting script and has Willie run through it a couple of times reading verbatim, and then practices twice with Joe. 
  5. 8:50 PM: Joe makes three calls on his own and books two meetings with Colby and I accompanying him to show the plan.  
  6. 8:55 PM: Colby moves both Willie and Joe seminar tickets for Saturday, and books another time for me and Joe to keep the processing going.  In the mean time he has already scheduled three plans with Willie for this weekend.  
  7. 9:00 PM: We are heading out of the door, with the names list in our possession, and on our way to 10 deep!

One of the most inspiring things that I saw was the way in which Colby led the two gentlemen into the process.  Never once did he ask them if they wanted to do anything, he simple stated here is what we do next.  Whenever the specter of fear raised its head,  he edified them both, and remind them of their dreams. Both men have been involved in networking before with several companies, and they have never gotten any help at all, so this process is blowing their minds, and it will blow your prospects minds as well if you dare to lead. This is how you show 15 plans in a month.  One hour meetings and booking more meetings from meetings.

I have always known Colby as a great leader, and seeing him in action reminded me why I joined him in this endeavor, and I learned so much in one hour.  I felt like Daniel “Son” in the Karate Kid, watching Mr Miyaga catch a fly with Team chopsticks! Just like in the movie, with hard work and commitment to learning from the system you too can discover the principles necessary to join the select group of leaders that drive depth. It begins by earning your way onto the Depth Squad meetings and learning from the leaders.

Towards the end of the night he again made a friend and joked with the guys, but as we were leaving he made a statement to both of them sternly, “This is our passion, this is what we do!  If you trust us in this process we will get you results.”  I believe him and they did too. So the question begs…. Is this your passion?   Is this what you do?  If so, when was the last time you were sitting at a kitchen table making a list and booking plans? Master this, earn this… it’s worth it!

One thought on “Master at work!

  1. Hey although you both are family. I wwant to take this opportunity and publically let you know that both of you are awesome.

    It feels like when we first got started so I know the explosion is just a matter of time.

    Thanks for your courage to LEAD through your own hurdles, set backs and Chaos. I love you both and will follow you anywhere.


    PS Great article Big Dog

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