Team AOJ,

I was reading a chapter in the book a “Portable Pep Talk” that compared an organization to the several types of bones.  On our way to a million people, I began to think of the different people that our community will draw. Here are the top ten types of bones we may run across…

  1. Wishbones operate their lives on the wish principle, they wish someone would build the business for them. They also wish that the meeting was on Monday’s, they wish the sign up cost was lower, they wish that the seminars were shorter.  
  2. Jawbones are always talking about what needs to be done. They always have an opinion on how to show the business plan, how to deliver the open, how to followup with a prospect.  The jawbones are notorious for jumping your guest at the open and providing all kinds of destructive advice.  They rarely get any new people to join their business because they talk them in and then talk them out.  
  3. Knucklebones  love to knock what everyone else is doing.  They don’t have time to work because they are too busy knocking others efforts. 
  4. Chickenbones are notorious for being scardy cats .  They hide behind time, money, work, family, and any other excuse that masks their fears.  
  5. Neckbones are great watchers.  They are at everything just watching others succeed. Neckbones can also cop and attitude for no apparent reason at all. (So be careful around a neckbone, if a neckbones starts to roll the neck watch out!)  
  6. Tailbones are the lazy types, they have never seen a couch that they were not drawn to.  Tailbones are chief procrastinators, always deferring work for the comfort of the buttocks.  
  7. T-Bones are a big group,  The “T” stand for TRYING!  T-Bones are always trying to make something happen.  They often mistake a TRY for a DO.  If you ask a T-Bones for a commitment, expect them to say that they will try.   
  8. Fishbones are prone to getting stuck in a position and not moving forward.  
  9. Hipbones are the cool people, they think that they are too cool to really do this.  They are really into status.
  10. Backbones are the leadership type.  They understand self sacrifice for the good of the team. Backbones are the cement that holds a body together, and often these leaders can be found as a part of a depth squad.

Funny thing about bones, they can be hard to identify based upon outward appearances. As with babies, often our business bones are soft and in need of tender care until they become strong. Over time we have to be careful that our bones do not become brittle and easily broken by supplying the proper nutrients.    

One thing for sure it takes all types to make a large community, and we all may be out here looking for a backbone leader, but I would suggest as opposed to looking for a backbone leader, we should strive to become a backbone leader. What type of bone do you want to become?

6 thoughts on “Bones?

  1. What a homerun with this post. This should make each and every one of us do a self examination, asking the question what kind of bone am I and what kind of bone am I developing? Calling all DEPTH SQUAD! Calling all DEPTH SQUAD!

    Larry Cheatham

  2. Awesome post.

    I know that I have probably been each of these bones at one time or other during my Team journey. Yet, what I know for sure is this system has shown me to ME and I now strive daily to be a backbone by having pride in being a team mate on AOJI.


    L 30 D 5 P……power player baby!!!!

    Tina A

  3. YIKES!!!!!!

    You know how when you go to church and…the pastor says things that you could swear are directed to you??? You know when he like starts saying exactly what has been going on in your household/job or with your kids…and for a minute you think “has he been peeping in my windows at night watching our every action to report them on Sunday morning????” Man I hate when that happens….grin.

    As usual Mr. Abernathy, your post leaves us/ (well…I'll speak for me) ME to face up to ownership. I too can identify with each of these bones…some more than others…WOW..what a harsh truth. BUT…the good news is I (we) CAN MAKE THE DECISION TO BECOME A BACKBONE EVERYDAY.

    GREAT post Raymond…GREAT post.

    Tammy Scruggs
    Nashville, TN

  4. I see many bones in me. Yet another picture you painted for those that need it. Which is me. To want something you must run to it it's like if you see your child run towards the street we ran and yell their name. Why! We don't want to see harm come we don't want to see their bones broken. What a great leader you are.You can tell your love and care for AOJ1. I will start over only with a lot more backbone. Thank You Raymond for the wake up call. kathyj

  5. Many of us may have gone through an evolution of the different bones to emerge as a backbone. We believe that Team AOJ1 is comprised of individuals that can be looked upon as backbones supporting the Team in the use of various God given gifts/talents/strengths. Each of us brings something different to the Team and when we combine them, we can't help but to be a Strong and Powerful group.

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