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Team AOJ,

What a great major convention in Milwaukee!  I took tons of notes, and one of the biggest nuggets came from Dan Hawkins and his promotion of the top 5 books.  He stated that he has read each of them 5 times before finding success, and it started me to thinking about my progression through those books.  Right before the major I started reading The Magic of Thinking Big, and it’s like I never read it before.  One of the ideas that struck me was on page 89, when we are encouraged to practice adding value!

So many people look at life as a fixed stated of  circumstances and they live their lives as if they are stuck with the hand that they have been dealt.  I was speaking to a young lady the other night, and she had such big dreams of teaching and sharing her gifts in ministering to other young women.  Her desire to help and serve others brought a smile to my face as I saw her light up when she shared her dreams.  But no sooner than she was finished painting her life’s masterpiece in her mind, she began to rationalize and logic her way out of making a change.  We as created beings have been blessed by God with the ability to add value to things, others and ourselves.  Let me give you some examples…

Many of us have been blessed with an income from a job today.  I understand that some incomes may be less that others, but most of us have an income.  Money is a thing, an item that has value, so how do we add value to money.  A big thinker will say how can I learn to make my money multiply?  How can I get more out of the little that I have?  The book, “God’s Plan for your Finances“, is and excellent resource for those seeking to add value to their money.  It just takes new information and effort. What if we bought a new shirt for $25?  Did that purchase add value to our money? What if I bought the “Maximize your Finances Pack”, and implemented its principles in order to get out of debt?  Surely everyone can see that by using our money as an investment towards good information we can add value to each penny we spend.  So what about the shirt that you need? Maybe as opposed to buying a new shirt, you take you old shirt to the cleaners and bring it back to life? Maybe you can go to a second hand store and purchase a shirt for $2?  The leader will focus on adding value to things, as opposed to adding things that have no value. 

Often people will use the excuse that they cannot make any significant changes in heir lives because they have cannot find any good, honest, hardworking, and trustworthy associates.  I am always amazed when people place themselves on such a lofty post.  We take for granted that we have always been good, honest, hardworking and trustworthy. Most likely we have grown ourselves personally to a level of goodness, morality, and persistence.  And most likely, God is encouraging your mentor and coach not to see you as you are, but to see you as you can be.  We are all called to add value to others in all areas.  Leaders are in the people development business, and we should always ask ourselves what are we doing to add value to others.  To be the best, we have to develop others to be better.

Finally, we all need to practice adding value to ourselves.  This is the toughest job of all. One of the greatest tools of the enemy is to convince you and I that we are worthless. Nothing that God has created is worthless!  We may have been beaten up by life, and we often experience valley’s of despair, but as long as there is a smidgen of hope, there is value and an opportunity to add value to ourselves.  The human mind can do miraculous things when given a picture. I once read a quote that said “people rarely see life as it is, we see life as we are.” If life to you has become boring, hopeless, and mundane, then most likely that is how you see yourself.  If people cannot be trusted, and they always let you down, then most likely, you do not trust yourself, and often let yourself down.  So how do we change that thinking?  How we learn to add value to ourselves? The brain works on pictures, and in order to change the mind it requires a new picture as input.  Start seeing yourself in a different light and you will feel, think and move down a different path. We add value to ourselves by visualizing what can be, acknowledging what is, and forgetting what has been. 

Adding value to things, others and ourselves will take the lid off of any thing, person and dream.  See what can be, not what is! God Bless!

5 thoughts on “Add Value

  1. Raymond,
    Great post! It reminded me of a conversation I just had with a prospect who wants to make changes, but is rationalizing the reasons it may not happen. I'm going to add value to her life by getting her into the system and let it do the work. I'm hoping to get her and her husband around the Team so she'll see that it really is possible to change and grow and achieve your dreams. Thanks for thinking and putting in writing for all of us!

  2. once more you have painted a picture. What you say is so true. We have changed negtive thoughts in our house and have seen a difference. Having faith in each other and enough love for each other to become our own house hold support. When one of us look at something in the matter that we become negitave we stop it and turn it around to find the postive.Changing to the best we can. Your grandfather told me once ” you can't think backwards. that is the problem with things, to many people think backwards therefore not letting them get ahead”. I see the term adding vaule at this time in my life anything extra goes to tools. That helps me become the leader I dream of becoming.Yes Raymond God has a plan and I thank him daily for putting people in my life that can help change my thinking that has godly teaching, and a lot of tools that add vaule to not only my life but my bussiness. Thank you teamAOJ1.Kathy J

  3. Raymond,

    Excellent post and thank you for being “All In”.

    When reading this post it made me think of how selfish I was coming into the TEAM enviroment. How all I could see was “What's in this for me and felt that everyone else was thinking How can I get something from her or get her to do something for me” Yet, after much reading, soul searching, prayer and coming to know some of the TEAM leadership I discovered that it's not about me so much as it is about US and what We can do together!!!

    I realize exactly what you are saying in this post was how I saw the world and others.

    I kind of liken it to part of a scripture that says be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. For me in the TEAM sense it says, get new information in MY head so that I can see ME better and then help other see themselves better.

    The journey is awesome and as I always say,”I am blessed to be among such a wonderful group of leading ladies like those on AOJ1. Let's do this!!!

    Hut 1…Hut 2….POWER PLAYER!!

    Tina A

  4. Another Great post Raymond! We are reminded of a comment made by Lana at the major…”Catch a vision of what's inside and in store for you”…that comment is a great example of Adding Value.

    When we encourage, uplift, edify others we add value and speak happiness into their lives. Team members are great at this. As we add value/happiness to others, one of the by-products is a sense of contentment for ourselves. Chris Brady says the only way to be happy is to give happy.

    There is great joy/fulfillment derived from adding value to others. We are reminded of a quote which states, “if I can help someone along the way, then my living will not have been in vain”. In the purest sense, life is about seizing opportunities to serve(add value) to others.

    Thank you for this thought provoking post!

  5. OUT OF THE PARK AGAIN!!!! Raymond…you are truly the Sammy Sosa of blogs!!

    Even at this distance I can so clearly see and hear you delivering this powerful and inspiring message! Keep'em coming!!

    I love the TEAM and I love the leadership of the women and men that I CHOOSE to surround myself with. People have asked me why is it that I “run up and down the highway just to go to a seminar??”….and my response is simple: “Shoot….are you kidding me?? If you knew what I know you would too. I can't get enough of those RASCALS….and especially the AOJ1 RASCALS!!!”


    Love you guys….SEE YOU AT THE TOP!!!!

    Tammy Scruggs
    Nashville, TN

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