Team AOJ1,

What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun, or fester like a sore and then run?
Does it crust and sugar over like a syrupy sweet, or stink like rotten meat?
Does is sag like a heavy load, or does it explode?
— Langston Hughes

Webster defined deferment as the act or instance of delaying or putting off. Harlem renaissance poet Langston Hughes articulated in his poem the realities of dreams unrealized. Dream deferment bears more serious consequences than the deferment of other life tasks.

What really does happen if you and I fail to use each day as a road toward our dreams? Often our dream dries up and shrivels into would have, could haves and should haves. Putting off the desire to go back to school, to take the step of entrepreneurship, or to switch careers can leave us in a state of constant compromising, and our hope truly dries up like a raisin in the sun. Where there is no hope, there is no life, and where there is no life, then the death of the dreamers dream occurs.

Deferment of the dream for others can cause a certain soreness to raise up in our lives. We have all met people that were bitter and angry because they have not progressed in life as the would have desired. Anger and bitterness leave sores upon the attitude, character, and demeanor of the individual, and over time these sores fester and leak the poison of blame. Blame is a dangerous poison because not only does it poison the dreamer, but it also poisons anyone that comes in contact with the venomous blamer.”They wouldn’t let me achieve my dream and they will not let you because of our race, age, gender, upbringing, lack of money……and so on”. The sore of blame becomes an infection of distrust and disbelief, and again the dream of the dreamer dies.

Still others through deferment of their dreams will cover their dreams with nice sounding excuses that make it look like they are in hot pursuit of their dreams. When my boss stops adding to my workload, or when the children get a little older, after the holiday, or the summer, or as soon as I payoff my student loan. While legitimate concerns are real and may cause us to change the course towards our dream, many will use these very reasons to pursue their dreams as cover for their non-performance. We may cover up our non-performance with sweet sounding excuses for a short period of time. Just like we can cover our lack of bathing with perfumes and cologne for a short time, but eventually we will start to stink like rotten meat. And the stink of non-performance is just as evident as not bathing. Dream pursuit is often more about who we become in that pursuit, and the achiever knows that life’s speed bumps are not designed to cover our lack of effort, and if we allow them to we will eventually reek of non-pursuit, and again the dream of the dreamer dies.

For still some others, the unrealized dream becomes a heavy burden to bear. Each day of the journey toward the dream adds a pound of frustration, and a ton of anxiety. Some much so that the shoulders of the dreamer begin to sag, and the countenance of a once excited dreamer is weighed down to the frown of a discouraged worker. Working towards our dream can be a difficult assignment, and if we view it as work, then eventually it will weigh on our minds and our physical bodies. When we are experiencing frustration and worry, and doubt, it is usually because our dream is now work and not pursuit. This is when the dream is required to re-visit the dream, and stir up the passion from within to pursue it with vigor. Passionate pursuit of a worthwhile dream is the antidote to all of our dream killing ailments. When we as individuals ignore the pitfall of delaying our mission, when we avoid blaming others for our lack of achievement, and ignore our sweet sounding excuses. When we push through our frustrations and have more fun, then and only then will we experience the explosion of our wildest dreams.

What does your explosion look like? What does your freedom feel like? Where will you spend you time? Who will you help? How much will you have? What will your morning hours be filled with? Who will you love on more? Is a week vacation long enough? Will your children enjoy the swimming pool? Will you days be filled with thanksgiving, and praise to God? Without the burden of debt, how high will you soar? When driving will you dread filling up the tank? How much peace is enough? How long… how high… how wide?

TEAM AOJ1, do not delay, start the pursuit right now… For if you do not, what happens to your dream deferred?

3 thoughts on “Deferment?”

  1. Hey Raymond,

    Once again I am truly impressed… This article made me think of civil rights fighters who had a dream and their dreams were deferred by laws of the land and they were in pursuit of freedom anyway, and here I am today reaping the benefits of that pursuit. I live in the freest country in the world and its not society that holds my dream back, there are no laws that hold my dreams back, there are no people that hold my dreams back…there is simply ME that has put my dream on a deferment plan due to circumstances! What I’ve realized is that the stars will never line up and all circumstances will not go away. But the only way to truly reach my dreams is to fight through the obstacles and enjoy the Pursuit: the moving of mountains, the slaying of Goliaths, the uphill battles, conquering no’s, showing 1 more plan, fighting mediocrity, average desires, and laziness. And full well knowing that this will not happen overnight but when I experience the explosion of my wildest dreams (like moving my girls in a 4br house and watching them light up when they walk into their own room) not only will the Victory be sweet but the person I have become will be Sweeter!
    The Victory is Ours, AOJ1!!! In Jesus Name!
    Fantastic article, Raymond Abernathy!

  2. Bravo, Fantastic, and thought provoking!

    My words are somewhat escaping me as I re-read not only this post but the one prior to it spawned out of your reading of the Coming Aristocracy. I see your growth in our home and business, I feel your growth in our relationship yet to read it in black and white makes me proud to be Mrs. Lloyd Raymond Abernathy.

    On to the article, Deferment. In today's time it is so easy to get caught up in deferment. After all, no payment no interest, instant credit, microwave everything, kitchen tables that nightly remain empty, Bibles on the coffee table that years later still look brand new. Our world is living by the seat of it's pants believing that everything is for the here and now and “I'll get to that later”.

    But oh here comes a group of everyday people stuck in this everyday world who say's “NO” I will not seek instant pleasure and settle for mediocrity for the sake of pursuing passion and legacy.

    I will not defer my payments so that my children can come up with an illegitimate view of finance.

    And I will not shun, hide nor turn away from the truth of God's word.

    Instead we together made a decision to win this battle the good ole' fashion way and that is to F.I.G.H.T. We are fighting on the side to right and righteousness. We are fighting not only for our personal goals and dreams but for those who have joined the battle with us as well as for those who don't yet see the battle raging. We have decided not to defer any longer but to keep fighting our own 95% moments for there is too much at stake for our families, communities and our country.

    AOJ1 let's pick up the proverbial sword and continue to F.I.G.H.T the devil of Deferment!!

    Tina A

  3. This post helps to revisit the chasing of dreams.
    Explosion can take place at any time when men and women come to us and say, “we see and hear how Team MonaVie is making a great positive impact in the world and in the lives of people. Tell us what we must do in order to get our freedom from these conditions that not only restrains us from living the life we want to live but keeps us living in unpleasant and onerous conditions”.

    We were thinking about how freedom feels, but you know, we really won’t know how freedom feels until we are there. Like so many other things in life, you can’t explain them you must experience them for yourself. As the saying goes I can’t tell it for you and you can’t tell it for me…it’s an individual thing. We have crossed many milestones in our lives, and are highly anticipating crossing this one called Freedom! Having said that, when imagining how freedom feels we came up with the word Ahhhhhh.
    -you know that Ahhhhhhh feeling you get after eating a really good meal or
    -that Ahhhhhhh feeling of inner peace/satisfaction you get from being part of a
    worthy endeavor of making life better for someone else, or
    -the Ahhhhhhh felling of taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly knowing
    “all is well” because you are living a life of priorities and not obligations.

    There will be some things required of us in order to have and enjoy freedom. To whom much is given much is required; therefore the short list is: do the things God requires of us, serve and help many people along the way and leave a legacy (pay it forward).

    As we remove deferment from the table in order to pursue our dreams and get to freedom, gone will be the things/conditions that weigh us down and there will be unlimited options. We will be free to soar wherever, whenever and however we choose. Surely, what a GREAT time that will be!

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