What is the answer?

Team AOJ,

In reading the Oliver DeMille book of the month “The Coming Aristocracy”, I have been inspired to re-think some of my current positions, and truly re-evaluate just where our nation is heading.  This is one of the most balanced and practical political books that I have ever read, and the author has very accurately described the quagmire that we find in our current politics.

Having been raised in a purely Democratic household, I held close to the ideas that the Democratic party fought for the little fellow, and that the big companies were hoarding away treasures for themselves while the workers struggled to feed their family. On the flip side I was taught the Republican Party was racist and greedy, and only out for the wealthy to get more wealthy.  Having been a part of the TEAM system for years I have become keenly aware that some of what I was taught is not true, and some of it is true.  The “Coming Aristocracy”, helped me better delineate the current political mess. I have long since disregarded my self as neither Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal.  It is amazing how these definitions often change based upon the climate of the political season, and to me most politicians are of the newly uncovered “De-ME-crates, Republ-ICAN, Con-SERVE- ME-TILL, LIE-beral party”.

The book poses the question what if both parties are wrong? What if both parties are using the political theater as a platform to feed the themselves and their Elite cronies, on the backs of the common working class and small business owners. Notice that I place the working class and small business owner in the same boat because the elites of the world pit these two hard working classes against one another in order to keep us from realizing that we are all losing.  Losing what is the question?  FREEDOM is the answer!  Liberals want to spend money on social programs that rarely benefit those in need to the extent they were intended.  Conservatives want to spend money on meaningless wars and defending every nation in the World, while protecting none.  Health care, defense, elderly, education, and a myriad of other domestic issues are in pressing need of attention, and our politicians argue and fret over the trivial while we (the doers) slowly drowning in an ever increasing amount of taxes, debt, and sickness.

I love team because we the individuals are pursuing our own economic, health, and relational answers through education, hard work and persistence.  Long gone are the days of waiting for the government to fix the problem as my family taught me.  Long gone are the days trickle down economics that rarely trickle anywhere.  Stephen Covey calls for us to move from dependence to independence, ultimately to interdependence, and the TEAM system mirrors this practical advice.  Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady are principled men of character in word and deed, they have formulated a system that is build upon dependence for the new person to incubate or apprentice.  The TEAM system then through progress and information inspires the new person to become independent through practical application of learned skills.  Finally the TEAM system encourages teamwork and orchestration designed to further serve others on our way to a million people. 

So what if both parties are wrong?  What if the doctorine of the tax and spend is deeply rooted in both parties?  What if the whole system has become so corrupt to the point of disillusionment? Where do we turn and who will listen? The working class and the small business owner will listen, and some will join us in this battle for individual freedom.  We only need a few to change the world, and here is how we are going to do it…

  1. Learn from principled men exhibiting Godly principles.
  2. Read great books that challenge our pre-suppositions.
  3. Associate with like-minded, positive, and motivated people.
  4. Lead our homes, friends and asscociates to truth.
  5. Be a doer, and never, never, never quit!

4 thoughts on “What is the answer?

  1. I applaud you for this article. DeMille definitely challenges ones thinking and forces you to consider things often overlooked. We either create these “mini-factories” in the different areas of our life, or we must be willing to accept the alternative. Fighting for freedom – Tracy Clark

  2. Great post. I've never in my entire life felt comfortable with either party. Mostly due to lack of really ever being able to understand either of them.

    One day I would like to vote for the right person instead of the lesser of two evils. AKA. Orrin for President 🙂

    Here's a scary thought…

    What if it is intended to be confusing just like the banking/financial industry is. And it all goes to a cartel like those that created the federal reserve.

    Oh, by the way, where is that law that says we have to pay taxes? I can't find it. Can you? 🙂

  3. The post reminds us that it's all about getting the right information from the right source. Just like the right information will help us get from the left to the right side of the cashflow quadrant, the right information will help us make the right decisions that will have a positive lasting effect on our families and legacy.

  4. Raymond,
    Your comments in this post are both bold and courageous, considering you are admitting to a profound change in your political point of view. I applaud you for have the hutzpah to speak your mind! My response to your thoughts would be that, if you accept a biblical worldview, you will find it difficult to completely embrace either party, as you have said. Unfortunately, power corrupts, and we find the wicked rich in both parties! (The book of James is instructional on a number of the issues you raise in your post.) In the name of compassion, we have done the most incompassionate thing we could have done. We have taken away the freedom to pursue our dreams, to own our property, to better ourselves, to prosper, and to help those in need. Just ask anyone who lives on public aid. The incentive for all of these things are taken away, and we have created an entire lower class of victims who will be perpetually stuck in their situations, unless they reject the system and seek truth. But rejecting the system is a matter of life and death for them. Truth is the issue, not party politics, and the truth is not well represented in either party! Truth is found in Scripture, and as believers, we have a responsibility to live by the truth, including understanding leadership, government, true compassion, relationships, family, and prosperity. Then there’s the issue of taxes…don’t miss Orrin’s post on the Team blog and watch the movie he put there called From Freedom to Fascism. Keep thinking and reading! Lydia

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