It’s not what you do… it’s what you keep doing!

Team AOJ,

There is a song that I love that echoes the words, “We fall down, but we get up”.  That simple little chorus represents the difference between winning and losing.  The successful life is not so much what you know, or who you know.  Success in life boils down to what you are willing to pay in order to become successful.  We toil and spin trying to become successful in our careers, in our homes, and in our communities.  Often in our efforts to become successful we assume that the answer lies in what we do, so therefore when something does not work immediately, we tend to look for another opportunity that promises overnight success.  “Fast Success” is an oxymoron! No one in any worthwhile endeavor has been an overnight success.  How much time does it take to become successful?  Should it take 1 day or 1 year?  Tiger woods dreamed of being a champion golfer at the age of three, and he won his first professional Major title at the age of 22.  That’s nineteen years of work before he achieved one of his goals. What may seem like overnight success to us, is the reward of hard work to the dreamer?

You and I have an opportunity to achieve a level of success unparalleled in today’s economic crisis.  My prayer for this team is that we muster up the courage to work together to earn our unified success.  So that months, years, and decades from now, our children will have seen our example of hard work and dedication, and they may be inspired to achieve greatness through perseverance.  TEAM AOJ1 keep falling down, and keep getting up, because the race is not given to the swift nor the strong… the race is given to the one that endures until the end.

3 thoughts on “It’s not what you do… it’s what you keep doing!”

  1. Raymond:
    Thank you for those words of truth, inspiration and encouragement….perseverance, I do believe and agree thats the key…we don't lose until we give up and decided to quit…and we are not quitters!

  2. Whats been written in this post is truly one of the the great secrets. The shame is that more people don't read and apply this secret but not YOU, not the person reading this post, not TEAM! We have decided to READ more and DO more!!! We've decided things that remain secret to most will no longer remain secret to us that read and apply principles like everytime you get knock down get up. We've decided that no matter what challenges life throws our way we shall not quit, GET UP!!! Call us rebels, call us radical, call us rascals but thou shall never call us quitters, GET UP! We can accomplish anything as long as we refuse to quit, GET UP!!! I for one refuse to quit. The goal is one million to leadership, Team AOJ1 will play a significant part, VICTORY OR DEATH!!! WHO'S WITH ME??? GET UP!!!!!!!!!!

    Larry Cheatham

  3. Great post and we concur with the other comments written. Raymond, we accept your battle cry to “muster up the courage to work together to earn our unified success”. We know that success will come to the team because history has proven that those who persevere will win. Knowing and believing that, we send words of encouragement to AOJ1 to stay the course and in the hunt because each time we fall down and get back up our strength is being renewed and we will ultimately receive the power to rise above life's distractions and difficulties which will lead to our VICTORY!

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