Focus and Grow

Team AOJ,

“What you focus on, eventually grows” — The Slight Edge
“Focus and Grow” is the battle cry for our team for the next four months heading into our Major in Milwaukee,WI. For you the leaders I ask you this simple question… Are you focused on growth or are you focused on what’s wrong?
So often we focus so much attention on what we do not want, by talking about it, thinking about it, complaining about it, and fretting over it. This mis-guided attention usually leads to the thing that we dread the most coming true because we put so much energy and thought behind it. In short, we focused on the bumpy road and not the destination.
As leaders on a quest to change lives, we must learn to replace our poor thoughts and actions with good ideas, and focused effort toward a positive future. Since we are going to lead the growth and development of the Team in the mid-west, and we are going to produce a leader rich environment, and since we are going to fill up the second charter bus by July, I challenge you as I challenge myself to only focus on that bright future. Forgetting about the past and with a dogged determination focus on growth.

Are you focused? At the end of the day today, pull out a piece of paper and write down your predominate thoughts that guided your day, and what actions you took based upon those thoughts. Share with the Team what guided your day…

3 thoughts on “Focus and Grow

  1. Raymond, this is a great post. In response to your request I will tell you that my day was busy, busy, busy as usual. I started with reading a couple chapters in the Slight Edge – and you are right, it's an excellent book. Then I began getting ready for work. At work, I was not very focused. I put out a bunch of fires and got some important items completed.

    Fridays are the day I either have lunch or do something else special with my baby girl so I left work early and she treated me to the new Denzel Washington and John Travolta movie. We had a good time.

    I listened to two cds and got a contact. I ended the day working with a team writing a grant proposal.

    As I think about my day, my thoughts and my actions I believe that I allowed my purpose as I outlined in the Simon Says book drive many of my actions. However, I wasn't as productive as I would have liked. And this blog on focus as well as the Slight Edge book is really helping put that in focus.

    James and I will have a guest out to Tuesday to see Tim and Amy Marks.


  2. Hey whats up team AOJ,Raymond i must confess that at times i too got out of focus.but without the love and support of my beautiful soft but yet strong wife my lenses always clear up and that's when i get rejuvenated and start helping my team members go to a million. with that being said my AOJ fellas in arms we WILL see you at the top!!! stay focused.


  3. Hi Raymond,
    We had a good day regarding focus and growth. What guided our day was the thought that certain actions/activities must take place if the business is to grow, survive and ultimately thrive.

    On the focus front, I finished reading 12 Pillars, left a Team Talk of my comments; Edd is reading The Slight Edge and was moved by the slight changes that may have a big impact in life. We listened to a great cd “Freedom Is Sacred” and read a couple of articles on the Team Blog.

    Regarding growth we had strategy discussions with a couple of team members, phoned a downline that has been inactive and we placed our initial order for Emv to take advantage of the momentum that will surround the launch of a new energy drink.

    Receiving the message that Tim and Amy Marks will be here for the open meeting is additional motivation to get someone out on Tuesday.

    Team AOJ1 “Focus and Growth”

    Edd and Rosemary

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