The whole truth and nothing but the truth!

Team AOJ,

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it accepted as being self evident — Arthur Schopenhauer

This is an interesting quote from the book “The Slight Edge”. As I think about the history of the world, it rings true that every person that has stood on the principles of truth have been first ridiculed as a lunatic, dreamer, or a liar. Then once the leader’s conviction proves that truth is true, then the opposition is forced to raise its’ hand in violence against the leader. And finally over the course of time we see that the truth was true and it is generally accepted as having always been true. So what does this mean to you and I as we build TEAM Mona Vie?

The idea is that by nature the majority of the people will always sit on the sideline and let the first and second stages pass them by and wait for the truth to be self evident before they believe. But the key to success is to identify what is eventually going to be self evident before it is actually self evident. In other words, you and I have to believe and embrace the vision of TEAM going to a million people and beyond before it actually happens. Not only do we have to believe, we have to get on board with making it happen. We have to apply the slight edge of daily personal development by reading and listening to audio recordings. We have to strive to expose our ideas to the masses four times a week consistently. We have to attend the opens, reach someone else for the seminar and get on the bus to Milwaukee early.

This nation is full of people ridiculing leaders like us for pursuing our dreams by focusing on positive personal development. There are forces that are violently opposed to the free enterprise concepts that built our nation. All of this should let us know that we have TRUTH! It should also let us know that the majority of the world is operating on LIES! Have you ever noticed that there is never ridicule when it comes to millions of people wasting their money on gambling casinos and lotteries. There is never ridicule or opposition against millions of Americans tuning into meaningless television for an average of 4-5 hours a day. No one ever violently opposes you and I for spending tens of thousands of dollars on a college degree to fight for the right to work for forty five years in corporate America only to struggle from check to check.

TEAM operates on a foundation truth that states that the key to business success lies not in a product, nor in the marketing of a website. The key to success lies in the daily habits of purpose driven individuals. Individuals that live in hot pursuit of a worthwhile cause. Our success lies in our willingness to do the small things long enough for them produce a bountiful harvest of victories in our lives. Years from now, when we look back over our lives I pray that we will all be able to say that we acted upon principled truths of success before they became self-evident. Our loved ones will know that we bought into the dream of a million people and helped make that dream a reality. And if we do not, the truth will still be self evident…

A lie passes through three stages. First, it is promoted as a truth. Second, it is vehemently adopted as the standard. Third, after destruction, chaos and devastation, it is accepted as being self evident. — Raymond Abernathy

1 thought on “The whole truth and nothing but the truth!”

  1. TRUTH 1.the quality or state of being true; specif.,a)orig., loyalty; trustworthiness b)sincerity; genuineness; honesty c) the quality of being in accordance with experience, facts, or reality; conformity with fact d)reality; actual existence e)agreement with a standard, rule, etc; correctness; accuracy.Sounds like TEAM / AOJ to me.

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