Principle Thinking

Team AOJ,

I recently had a chance to talk with Orrin about some specifics of the business, and as I shared my view Orrin helped me understand a great principle that all achievers have come to live by. As I shared particular instances and issues, Orrin helped me focus not on the specifics of a problem , but on the principles behind the problem. For example often we will complain and say things like “gas is too expensive”, or “have you seen how much a gallon of milk costs?”. These statements usually cause us to focus on the specific item and not the principle. The problem lies not in the price of the items… the problem lies in the fact that I do not have enough money.

The other day at the leadership conference I shared a story about a team member that has chosen to pursue another opportunity, while having a significant TEAM business growing already. Since that time I have had several people come to me questioning how could anyone make that type of decision? Others have asked are they crazy? Some have tried to inquire as to who I was talking about. All questions focusing on the particular issue while potentially missing the principle.

My intent in sharing that story the other night was not to ridicule, mock, or question the decision of another person to pursue their dream elsewhere. My intent was to cause you and I to take a reflective look at our own businesses. Our challenge is to make sure that we are not letting a great opportunity slide by us. Some may have thousands of business partners around the world, and others my only have a dozens, but if we are not going go-getter, moving a ticket, or on the bus to Louisville, then we are no different than our former teammate that is pursuing another venture.
It is always easy to pick out the decisions of others and call them crazy, but principle thinking is an inside job. Our challenge Team AOJ is to look at our own businesses, and see if we are taking advantage of what our system offers us?

Are you and I building two organizations with a SuperStar focus?

Are you and I committed to getting guests to Tuesday?

Are you and I sitting on top of a gold mine of a tap leg, but refusing to do more and get better?
If we are to take our rightful place in the TEAM’s march towards a million, we have to think and act on principles, not specifics. This industry has a chance to go mainstream, and we are primed for an explosion. For the leaders, we take no comfort in just being on the TEAM, we are a results driven culture, and the scoreboard counts. At least our former Teammate had the courage to get on the phone and call me to join his business… Are we on the phone making something happen?

4 thoughts on “Principle Thinking

  1. It would be sweet if “reframing” a situation or circumstance were second nature. Unfortunately it is something we have to work on. While I am better at it now, I to find myself at times falling back into my old nature and trying to become a “mister-fix-it”.

    It would be doubly sweet if helping others reframe their situations were natural.

    Thankfully Orrin and Chris have been bringing up the need to reframe multiple times here lately. Or maybe it’s just my noticing it now…

    Great post as usual Raymond.


  2. Dave,

    I would be great if we all could re-frame every situation in order to learn and grow quickly, but at least we on the team have mentorship and leadership that points us to tools that help us learn to think better… Appreciate your comments Dave… keep them coming!


  3. I’m sure you have already read it, but I have to ask… Have you read Simon Says yet?

    I’m only on chapter 10 and I’m already getting pretty pumped!!! I just have to wonder after one of our past men’s leadership, maybe this is something that those others that felt the same as me, need to read too. If they haven’t already.

    Just a suggestion, it would probably be a good topic to post about. Especially since you are very good at putting in words a succinct synopsis of a book.

    My purpose is obviously big to me, but I got the impression that a handful of other men were in the same boat too.

    Just an idea…


    AOJ – David

  4. David,

    You are right “Simon says” is a great book in helping us find our way… I will share some of the thoughts from the book on the blog soon…


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