Stand out in the Crowd!

Team AOJ,

Great job team in getting the environment of Tuesday all a buzz! We had record attendance last night, and several guests joined the organization on the spot. Open meetings are the main thing in building lasting and motivated communities. Team AOJ, God has blessed our organization with the uncanny ability to create that magical environment, and now is the time to seize this opportunity.
A few years ago we put together a hedgehog concept for the organization. The idea comes from the book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. A good hedgehog consists of three concentric circles that form the core values of a team. The elements are Passion, Excellence, and Profit…

Passion: What are you passionate about?

Team AOJ we are passionate about out helping and serving leaders. Our goal is to help the individual leader develop wealth thinking and build lasting communities. I believe we saw that passion on display at our Leadership meeting. Kevin and Marsha, Joe and Tracy, Lydia Siebert, and Larry Cheatham all showed passion for change and growth.

Excellence: What can you be the best in the world at?

Team is the best leadership development organization in the world, and TEAM AOJ, you are the best at providing that magic environment for everyone to succeed. Our diversity is our strength, and the love that we share as a team is contagious. The intangible art side of the business is our magic.

Profit: What makes you profitable?

Building lasting communities is our profit center, and now is the time for you as the individual Team AOJ leader to make your business profitable by going Super Star then Power player. The passion is service, the environment is one of the best, and your opportunity to leverage this sweet spot for profit has never been better.

Team AOJ, your magic is drawing a crowd to your house. I believe that if it is our house, others are welcome to come, but we will be there first, leverage it the most, and do our part to reap the harvest of our hedgehog.

Were you standing out in the crowd last night as a future leader on the TEAM?

Please share your thoughts

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