Team AOJ,

“The wise man learns from his mistakes. The wiser man learns from the mistakes of others, but the wisest man learns from the successes of others.”
I thought about that quote as I listened to the wisdom of Orrin Woodward on the leadership call Sunday and Chris Brady last night at the open. Our system is the finest in the world, and those that will immerse themselves into this learning process will uncover their greatness by listening and learning from the success of our leaders.

Orrin spoke on the conference call about playing the game and focusing on new activity at the bottom of your tap leg as a group. He clued us in on the fact that the best teams in the country can register 10 new distributors on auto-ship and the EBC per week, and that will get your team into the top 10 fastest growing in the country. Team AOJ, I know that we have the talent, and the work ethic to crack the top 10, and your leaders are looking for players to self identify and get in this game. We will be discussing the specifics of what Orrin covered at our Leadership meeting on Saturday.

Chris Brady taught from his heart last night and shared the Superstar program in a way that just plain makes sense. Superstar is the paper fold, and everyone reading this blog can get there with some consistent effort. We have some great information on how to get this done, so do not miss the leadership meeting, and contact your teammates and get them there as well.

This leadership meeting is going to be a turning point for our organization. Larry Cheatham said it best the other day when he said that we are so close to turning the corner, and I feel that too. One thing about our team, we like to have fun as we learn. So rest assured that you will laugh, cry, and experience the enjoyment of learning from successful people. We can certainly learn from our mistakes, but it is so much more rewarding to learn from the success of proven leaders. Will you be there to learn and chase excellence?

3 thoughts on “Learning!

  1. I would not expect anything less from such great leaders. Joe and Tracy we look forward to you joining the inner circle of Turbo leaders on Team AOJ!


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