Bird Dog

Team AO,

bird-dog (bûrd’dôg’, -dŏg’) v.
1. To follow a subject of interest, such as a person or trend, with persistent attention.
2. To seek out (talent or clients, for example): bird-dogs recruits for the team.
I am super excited about the open meeting explosion that we are experiencing, and it tells me a couple of things about this team. First of all we have assembled a group of committed leaders that have bought in to the vision of leading the growth and the development of the TEAM in the mid-west to start…
Secondly, I know that we have leaders on this team that are showing 4 plans per week, and promoting the open meeting with zeal, because our numbers reflect your activity. I especially want to highlight Troy Mathis because he recently personified the attitude of true bird dog!
Troy has persistently been booking and showing his own plans as every leader on the team should be doing. I do not expect the new person to be conducting house plans or showing the board plan on Tuesday night, but I do expect everyone to get out there and expose our idea to people by simple asking others what they do for a living. That conversation starter alone opens the door for you to share what you do, and if the person shows some interest get their number and call them to set up an appointment ASAP. I want to highlight in detail what Troy did last week with a couple that he knows peripherally.
Here are the steps of a great Bird Dog:
  1. Troy called them to set up a plan at their home: The key being he called and booked the plan at their home. Often people will no show you at a restaurant or another location because they simply forget or do not feel like leaving their home. Orrin says that the business is built by crunching carpet in the homes of America. Bird dogs enter the BUSH!
  2. Troy went into the living room himself to show the plan: Often we think we need to bring an army with us to show the plan. In fact sometimes the more people you bring the more uncomfortable the prospect. Sometimes if you bring your Turbo leader with you to the initial plan, the prospect assumes that we need them. Troy showed them the Cash flow Quadrant, edified his support team leaders and made a friend. A bird dog does not take the hunter on a wild goose chase, he instead goes and sniffs out the bush to see if there is an interest.
  3. Troy booked a follow through: This step is the one that requires the most posture. All of us have gotten to this point and lost our heart because we are afraid to ask for a commitment. Troy got out his calendar and said how is ______? (Stop Talking!) Once they agreed upon a time he promoted the first night materials. (which he had in his trunk). A bird dog upon finding prey, stops and points the hunter in that direction.
  4. Troy brought in Tina and I, and we made a friend, found a need and edified Troy. Our emphasis was on handling their objections accordingly(See: How I raised myself from failure to success in selling). Troy kept quiet, and edified us when appropriate, which is key. Often then bird dog will over talk the situation and the leader, and this only serves to bring up more objects from the prospect. Bird dogs stop barking and they do not go in for the kill, they just point the hunter in the direction of the prey.
  5. The prospects got started, and Troy pulled out his calendar and booked another follow through. Bird dogs retrieve the prey and set up for the next bird.

I wanted to showcase these steps because I know that every leader on this team is capable of following these steps four times a week. I encourage everyone to read Chapter Six in the Team Builders Textbook, and specifically page 111. With more bird dogs I know that we can produce more superstars for the conference call with our leader this month. Team this is our season, there are more birds out there than ever! We have the system, the leadership and the plan to help them, and we are counting on you to beat the bushes…

6 thoughts on “Bird Dog”

  1. Way to go Troy,leading by are truely out there in the hunt married building as an single yet for your family dreams and goals.keep up the good work and effort and we,ll see you at the top

  2. Great job Troy. Your teacheable spirit is always so refreshing to work with. Keep charging forward to Super Star, Turbo and beyond.Tina A

  3. First let me say great job all around Troy Raymond and Tina. We all need to be reminded of these critical details that are crucial to our success. I know I’ve gone to share the plan recently and forgot some of these vital steps in the process. I’m gratful for a team of men and women that continue to set the bar high! Keep up the Great Work and don’t come down!!!WALK a Mile!!!See a Mile!!!Aaaaaaaaa/Oooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!Larry Cheatham

  4. I would also like to make an additional comment on the Crowne Plaza open meeting done this past tuesday by Colby and Raymond. What a powerful demonstration of The Art side. Colby as always brought heart and passion, I was so excited to have a guest sitting on the front row hearing from someone I admire and have so much respect for. Colby is a fantastic leader, what a blessing to have him as part of The Team open circuit and Raymond only did the best job I’d ever seen during the 2nd half. He and Tina both are truly some of the best teachers I’ve ever seen with an ability to inspire others to be better.I’ll say it again THE BEST 2ND HALF I’D EVER SEEN!!! WOW!!! Keep bringing your A game Raymond. Walk a Mile!!!See a Mile!!!Aaaaaa/Ooooooooooooooooooooo!!!Larry Cheatham

  5. Larry, Thanks for the kind words, and I appreciate your ability to get guests to the open meeting. The team can learn a lot from your promo skills. Let’s keep rocking TEAM… Tuesdays are the bomb!Raymond

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