Good People

Team AO,

I am so encouraged by this team’s response to our call to build numbers. The open meeting is growing and the guests have certainly been responding to the buzz in the air. We have one more seat left on the first bus, and our goal of filling up another bus is right in our grasps.

I have been reading the Team Builders Text book, and in the book our leaders remind us that we are not looking for everyone to join our business. We are looking for people that are looking, ambitious, teachable and honest, and we all know that that excludes a lot of people! But keep in mind that there are still millions of people in this nation that qualify for what we do, and it is our job to be what we are seeking in others. Are we looking to learn? Are we ambitious enough to show four plans a week and get people to the open? Are we teachable enough to listen, read, and take mentor ship and coaching? Are we honest and trustworthy in our dealings, and is our word our bond? The Law of magnetism says that we only attract what we are. And I know that we are a team of good people working to become great, and our future is so bright we are going to need sunglasses! What do you see in yourself that you admire? And are you letting your light shine?

2 thoughts on “Good People”

  1. I love this latest post from Raymond. How true it is that we do not want everyone. I remember the first time attending a function and a lady walked away leaving her purse in the seat, I responded with what does she think she’s doing? I quickly learned that in this circle her valuables are safe because we attract the type of winners that Raymond spoke about. Ambitious, looking, teachable, and honest and those that don’t represent these characteristics never last for long. They will always be exposed for who and what they are. I don’t believe in perfection but I do believe improvement must be constant. We do that better than anyone else through reading great books, listening to cd’s by men and women with the qualities described above and massive results, associating with winners regularly, and by getting on the battlefield to apply the things we’ve learned. Raymond you asked what is it that I see in myself that I admire? For me it is a willingness to admit to myself truths that may sometimes be painful but necessary to set a course in the proper direction and an attitude of VICTORY OR DEATH!!! Thanks for your latest post, it is a good one! Larry Cheatham

  2. Great post Raymond! There is definitely a “buzz” in the air on Tuesdays; we sense it, feel it and know that the buzz is contagious. In that we are building this business as a couple, what we see in ourselves is “steadfastness”. People may come and go in our lives but we stay the course. We stick in the good times and we stick in the not so good times. We are loyal to our commitment to the advancement of this Great Team concept in the Mid-West. We made a commitment when we became a part of Team and we are honoring that commitment with consistency. Our long term vision, belief and internal growth has developed, and sustained us to stay the course. By doing this, we are letting our light shine. Our actions have shown that we are in this for the long haul, not just as a short-term venture to say we were there. Edd and Rosemary Paul

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