Team AO,

“Human life, by its very nature, has to be dedicated to something” — Jose Ortega y Gasset

I ran across this quote in one of my favorite books entitled “Live your dreams”, by Les Brown.

In pursuing our dreams, we will often encounter resistance to our business and our systematic approach to building lasting teams. You and I will often run into people building other businesses and they will want to debate the merits of their business plan compared to our plan. We will encounter others that are skeptical about the entire networking industry based a bad experience in the past, rumors, hearsay and popular opinions. Countless others will scoff at the idea of dedicating time to developing themselves into a professional networker… claiming that they do not have the time to commit to our system.

I content that we are all dedicated to something by our very nature. Everyday God blesses everyone of us 86,400 Seconds, and we get to choose how we spend that time. I will grant that a portion of everyday is consumed by the necessities of life (sleeping, eating, work and potty breaks), beyond the obligatory commitments we have at least 6 hours or 21,600 seconds worth of time per day that we can dedicate to whatever we desire. Many people will choose to dedicate this spare time to American Idol, Sports Center, Sports Leagues, and a myriad of other social “necessities”. We will sit down with them and help uncover the desires of their hearts, and in the end we provide a vehicle that has been proven to help others achieve their wildest dreams. As we talk about our system, Mona Vie, and team approach their excitement peaks to the point of outright “Giddiness“. When we show them the Income Disclosure Statement they cannot believe that someone can receive a weekly residual check that big! They are flat our fired up about their dreams and goals, and they get started in TEAM Mona Vie on the journey! They come to an open meeting and they hear someone layout our business plan in plain and simple terms and as the night owl speaker begins to unveil the work required to succeed in this business, the average person will shrink into their seats not willing to dedicate about 21,600 seconds per week towards their dreams.

Leader upon leader has taken this system and turned 21,600 seconds a week into financial freedom by dedicating 4 plans/follow throughs per week (4 hours total) and one Tuesday Open(2 hours) into a growing business. Do not under estimate what a small amount of dedication can accomplish. Just think, when you go SuperStar in TEAM, you have amassed a whopping 64,800 seconds per week in your business, and by the time we hit a million people… 21,600,000,000 Billion seconds per week into your business!

Is your future worth 21,600 seconds of dedication per week?

Can you dedicate just a small amount or your time to a TEAM of leaders that are working together?

I pray that the answer is yes, and I also pray that as we expose our business to others that we hold the bar high and expect everyone to give at least their fair share of effort.

Please share your thoughts

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