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Why the Monthly Seminars?

Team AO,

I recall vividly asking Larry Van Buskirk that question with a hint of sarcasm and distrust. Larry came to St. Louis to help us build our businesses for months, and each time he would promote us coming to the next monthly seminar in Michigan. We would shoot every excuse at him that we could think of…

Michigan? Isn’t that several hundred miles away from here? What will we see or hear at that seminar that we cannot learn from ourselves here? It’s cold in Michigan isn’t it? No one can possibly speak for hours at at time and not get boring… can they?

But Larry eventually stood his ground and challenged us as leaders to show the way for our team, and we have never missed one since our first meeting in Saginaw. We were amazed to see thousands of people succeeding at what we were doubting would work. We heard from George and Jill Gizzardo, and we were amazed at their story of perseverance on overcoming obstacles. We got a chance to meet Orrin and look at the passion in his eyes for this community. We were able to face our own doubts and worries and commit to replicating what we had seen and heard. And so it began. The dream of having our own local seminar in St. Louis. Here we are a few years later, and that vision is a reality. We have a wonderfully exciting seminar location right here in our city, and this month we have the Mark and Jenn Paul in town sharing their experiences and lessons.

Why the monthly seminars?

If we are to every grow a dominating business, we have to stop looking at the business through our own experienced eyes and view the business from the perspective of the new person. Your new person is experiencing the same fears, distrust and doubts that we expressed to Larry. Your new person will offer you a myriad of reasons/excuses for not going to the seminar. But like Larry you must persist in your promotion and challenge them to think like business persons and leaders. We are striving to Each One Reach One for the March Seminar, and I want each of you to picture in your mind your new person being transformed from a doubting skeptic into a leader of leaders, catching the vision of this Team, and leading thousands to this system over the next few years. If that were possible would you promote the $25 ticket more earnestly? If that were possible, would you be on standing order ticket so that you had the ticket in your hand early enough to promote effectively? If that we possible would you endeavor to show four plans this week with the specific intent of moving your ticket?

I know personally what the Team association can do to transform the mind and inspire. Someone is going to reach the next big leader with a ticket, and turn their entire business around this month. You and I may not see the results instantly, but Larry sure has seen a steady growing team for years based in large part on his acting like a professional and promoting what is best for a few stubborn new people.

What do you remember about your first seminar? Who spoke and what clicked in your mind? What feelings did you experience, and are you willing to share those feelings with others by reaching one more person for March 21st?

1 thought on “Why the Monthly Seminars?”

  1. You know when I look back on my first seminar what I recall is me and a friend from college driving to Houston Texas because we were told there would be several speakers present that we just needed to hear, see, and possibly meet. I can tell you I didn’t think it was neccessary for me to hear from these very successful leaders but figured I’d be talking about them when showing the plan, for this reason I attended. I arrived to see people standing on the top of their chairs cheering wildly and thought the these good people have truly lost their minds. It wasn’t long before I was among those crazy people standing on chairs and cheering like the Rams had just won the Superbowl. You see I knew I had just witnessed something special. I went home with a new committment, a committment that said no matter what I would not quit! I put a little band on my wrist and vowed that it would not come off until I had accomplised a particular level of success. That was some time ago but it was a critical event in the process that has lead to Orrin Woodward and the rest of The Team today. I’m grateful Someone insisted that I make that seminar. WHAT A LIFE CHANGER!!! DON’T MISS IT!!!

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