Open meetings are the main thing

Team AO,

I am still abuzz after last night’s energetic and packed open meeting. In looking at the meeting last night, I am reminded of an early CD from Orrin where he is singing a song about guests at an open… five over here and three over there… this is cool!

Larry Cheatham did another top shelf open last night, it was packed with content from the Health, Wealth, and Wisdom sides of Team Mona Vie. Larry is so easy to follow because he is so thorough in his explanations that I got a chance to freelance from the Good to Great perspective. I know personally that Larry moved several tickets for the seminar, and for the past few weeks the majority of the guests in the room got started. If you have not noticed this as of yet the open meeting will build your business for you if you get the guests out to the meeting. I want everyone to think about reaching out to at least one contact for next week’s meeting. Doubling our numbers is easy to do if we take the time to make a friend, find a need, and promote the Tuesday open as the main thing. We are shooting for some aggressive growth at our open, and by focusing on promoting our dynamic environment we are going to explode onto the TEAM stage with multiple SUPERSTARS!

What do you remember from your first open?

What do you want your guests to remember?

3 thoughts on “Open meetings are the main thing

  1. I remember how friendly everyone was to me at my first open and how much information can be obtained about the business at an open meeting!

  2. I want my guest to remember that when they join our team that they can leverage the open meeting to build their business

  3. Hey big dog i too echo what was said about larry c his attention to detail let you know why he,s a great leader and a good addition to team a/o way to go larry see you at the top

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