Think and Do for Yourself

Team AO,

I am more sure of the power of our system than ever. Mona Vie offers us a fantastic functional fruit beverage that is leading the way in marketplace, but in order to build a business we need more than a great product. In speaking with Larry Van Buskirk last week he confirmed what we have long experienced… the average person that signs up for TEAM Mona Vie without being plugged into our system will only last 90 days on auto-ship. Some stay longer because of the health benefits of Mona Vie, but without a new set of information the employee mindset will eventually win out. We are at best a product of what we take in, and without new information being pumped into our brains, we will always retreat to the familiar.

The genius of Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady lies in the fact that they have studied these trends for years together, and they have given us through our registration process a better chance at affecting the thinking of the new distributor. The six month subscription to the TEAM EBC, and the “Commerce Through Community” book offer us a chance to educate our new partners. Orrin often states he puts every person that he registers on system either by signing them up for direct fulfilment or by giving them CD’s, and we should be doing the same. Tina often will be a new person a pack of CD’s from our weekly system so that our system can start to affect they way they think. But we all need more than just information…

Carter G. Woodson stated…

“The mere imparting of information is not education. The effort must cause a man to think and do for himself.”

We are a part of a system that not only educates us on the virtues of integrity, courage and hard work, but through our association we are inspired to live by these virtues as we build lasting communities. Our system not only equips us with the know how of building lasting communities, it actually motivates us to do the work required to earn success. It is not just about listening to Cd’s and reading books and attending meetings, it is about thinking and doing for yourself that which is necessary for the attainment of your dreams.

With all that is happening in our financial world, the tendency is to retreat from the expense of self education for financial reasons. When in reality this time should cause us to promote self education and personal growth even more. I applaud you leaders that are sacrificing to stay plugged into our collective community educational system, this is one of the last vestiges of self education and reliance available to the average person, and it should be treated as such. TEAM is one of the few organization where one can find the dissemination of hope. We receive a daily dose of hope through our system, and eventually we will be able to effectively think and do for ourselves that which is necessary for our success. A TEAM of thinkers and doers is unstoppable! We will see you at the top!

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