Sowing Seeds

Team AO,

We had the pleasure of spending our Sunday afternoon manning the Team Mona Vie booth at the Healthy Planet Magazine – Health Fair. These leaders joined forces and worked this health fair in shifts, and of the dozens of vendors at the fair, our booth was one of the most visited. I listened to leaders explain the Health benefits of our wonderful product, and I listened to other leaders explain our unique opportunity, and people were obviously impressed.

*** 192 people entered their name and number into a drawing for a free bottle of Mona Vie.

*** 131 of the 192 listed that they were interested in the product and wanted follow up information.

*** 18 of the 192 listed that they were interested in becoming distributors!

Just looking at the numbers should let everyone know that there is a market for Mona Vie. We sold six bottles right there on the spot, and 77% of those that tasted the product showed interest! Also we can see that nearly 10% of those that tasted the blend are interested in learning more about becoming a distributor. These leaders have committed to contacting all of these prospects at one time at a united calling session, and then sponsoring any prospects into the tap leg for mutual benefit. Talk about the power of compounding and sacrificing for the good of the whole!

Team I talked about spreading seeds last week, and how some seeds will eventually find fertile ground, and I am proud of these leaders for spreading seeds on this day…

Joy Saverson
Tommie and Cassandra Mathis
Jeannine Christowski
Wanda Anderson
Rodney and Sheila Gray

Special kudos go out to Daniel Alcorn our newest distributor for stopping by to learn…

Stay tuned for more Plan, Do , Check and Adjust on this process…

One thought on “Sowing Seeds

  1. Hey team Cassandra and i really enjoyed working with all our fellow team members as one big unit.I think that this type of exposure really give us a leg up on getting our product as well as our name out there,people are looking and we have to let them know team/monavie is here to the always it was very rewarding to be able to learn from all of our team members.looking forward to the next expo.hope to see you there ,see you at the top.

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