Quitters, Non-losers, and Winners

Team AO,

What a great night at the Super Rally! Colby and I got a chance to take Orrin and Chris back to their hotel last night and we could not be following a better pair of men. Their commitment to a shared vision of 1 million lives affected in this culture is at the core of all that they do to serve this community. As I listened to Orrin’s wisdom in the car I was reminded of just how courageous all of you have been for weathering the storm and fighting for your dreams. I know that the financial rewards may not be where you would like them, but I can see growth in everyone of you, and in myself. Orrin said last night that everyday we stay in this system we are getting paid, but the checks just have not arrived yet for many. Which leads me to my topic…

What is the difference between winning and not losing?

There are three types of people in this business and today I want each of us to ask ourselves which am I?

Quitters: Often we see people join this team, and stay around for a while doing what it takes to grow and succeed, and because the results are not fast enough they drop off of system, go down to one case auto-ship, and eventually fade to black in their results. This has and will always be the case for some people are born with a knack for quitting. I am not saying this to be mean or derogatory in any way… I actually have come to understand that those that try to build this and quit is a reflection on me as a leader as well as their ambition levels. The quitter is sometimes just hoping and praying that someone will reach out and help them stay involved and get results. The quitter often finds fault in some aspect of what we do, and then they use that fault as a reason to bail out on their dreams. The language of a quitter often assigns blame on the economy, the wife or husband, the prospects, the system, the leader, or anyone other than themselves. Unless the quitter can learn the awesome task of taking personal responsibility, their results will be critically crippled.

Non Losers(NL): The NL group is the largest percentage of people on the team. They are plugged into the system at various levels, and the will show the plan, and try to build the business. They often cannot piece together the consistency to see the business grow, yet they do just enough to see the business potential to grow. A non-loser will often reassure their leader that they are not going to become a quitter, while never quite mustering up the courage to move ahead. The NL may be stuck in this holding pattern for differing amounts of time based upon the relationship with the team and their coach. The language of the non loser often communicates effort combined with frustration. The NL is often in a re-acive state of business, and their results tend to dictate their attitude. A good plan shown or a good follow thru leads to a good week at the open, a bad plan or follow thru leads to a bad attitude or posture. The NL will be doomed to this emotional roller coaster unless they learn the secret to winning.

Winners: The winners represent those individuals that have truly sold out to the system. They have purchased a tool trunk, and have purposed in their minds to supply others with the information that has helped them become a winner. They are plugged in and they become alive with the information. Every plan, follow thru, book, CD, and meeting are an opportunity to grow better and the winner seeks these opportunities with vigor. The winner understands that they are attempting to lead others to places that they have never been, therefore they guard their attitude, and only rest in their ability to perform. When all else fails around them the do not panic, and they have learned to retreat, re-learn, re-invigorate, and return to the battle quickly. Change does not slow them down for they have learned to trust their leaders decisions even when they do not understand. The winner is to busy doing to try! The language of the winner is always upbeat and positive because they understand long-term vision, delayed gratification and the power of compounding. The winner knows that they are going to win because they have developed the disciplined habits necessary to win.

I have learned to identify in myself when I am portraying the characteristics of each of these three types of team members. I encourage you to study your habits of reading, listening, and rotating the pattern and identify what you are bringing to the team. Is it the quitters attitude? Is it the non-losers attitude, or are you a winner?

One thought on “Quitters, Non-losers, and Winners

  1. Wow! What a fantastic post! Well, I have definitely identified myself as a Non-Loser majority of the times and I have spurts of being a Winner. However, I am currently reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and the first habit is being Proactive instead of Reactive. Now that I am in the process of mastering Pro-activity…I didn’t realize how much of my thoughts, actions, habits have been so Reactive! Not just on TEAM but in Life. Today I wrote down the Winning characteristics of Raymond and Tina; such as readers, consistent, order, positive, up when up and up when down, teaching, and spiritual. I couldn’t help but think that you all have truly bought into FOLO….first on last off. And last but not least…Duplicatable. I’m so excited to know that as I move forward in being Proactive and a Consistent Winner, I have footsteps to follow. Thanks for being a master duplicatable copy and continuing to believe in Team Alpha Omega!

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