Big Jake

Team AO,

As a kid growing up I can remember watching the Saturday afternoon cowboy movies featuring my man John Wayne. “The Duke”, as many of us remember him was a rugged, and heroic figure that always won. Every movie was about the bad guys doing something to the Duke’s family, and he would be called in from the rugged trail to run the bad guys away. My favorite all-time film was called “Big Jake”, the Duke played Jacob McCandles, a wealth man’s man that has been away from his family on some wild adventures, and long assumed to be dead. Somehow he receives the news that his grandson has been kidnapped. Needless to say this means someone has to die… so Big Jake gathers his sons and hits the trail in pursuit of the bad guys. You know the story. He and his boys kill the bad guys and rescues his grandson alive, but the last scene has Big Jake standing over the last dying bad guy and this is the conversation…

Bad Guy: Who are you?
Big Jake: Jacob McCandles.
Bad Guy: I thought you were dead.
Big Jake: Not hardly.

I love those words, and I love it when the good guy wins. Team AO, many may have assumed that we were dead, but you have shown by your energy, commitment and work that we are not hardly dead. We are just beginning, and as we run toward the major, I want to challenge us to grow our open to 100 people over the next month. We have had on average about 67 people, and now is the time to rustle up the the troops and mount a stand just like Big Jake. It takes 150 people at an open meeting before it s officially recognized by the team website, and we have something to prove. We Team AO, are set to prove that we are committed winners and the reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated.

I will be posting our numbers every Wednesday on the blog, and I want everyone that likes to win and expects to win to run for our team goal by showing 4 plans per week. When the Team hears about you they will ask “Who are you?”, and we will say We are Team Alpha Omega… we started this quest for freedom and we are going to finish…

Please share your thoughts

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