What if?

Team AO,

What if we really believed that we are actually running a multi-million dollar company, and we are looking for new business partners in this endeavor? What if we could actually screen candidates based upon their qualifications and ambition level? What if the burden of proof was on the prospect to prove their worth to us and not on us to prove the merits of our business to them? What if every plan went something like this…

US: Hello Mr. Prospect, we are excited to consider you as a potential partner in our Community Development and Wellness businesses. Before we get into the details of our position, I would like to get to know you personally. What do you currently do for a living? How did you get started in that field? What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

Mr. Prospect: I am a so and so down at the big so and so, and I manage so and so and I make so and so……

US: Is your career providing you with the time and/or money that you desire?

Mr. Prospect: We I do pretty good, but I would like more time with my family and more time to enjoy vacations and get rid of some of my bills.

US: If you had more time and money what are three most important areas of your life that you would improve? What are your dreams and goals?

Mr. Prospect: My family is my top priority, and my debt is killing me, and I need more space with my ten kids and all.

US: On a scale of 1 to 10, what would you rate your ambition level and why?

Mr. Prospect: Oh… I am definitely a 10. Because when I do something I do it to the max!

US: Have you heard of Mona Vie yet?

Mr. Prospect: Is that like Noni Juice?

US: No. Here have a taste… It tastes like Blueberry mixed with Cranberries. It’s great!

Mr. Prospect: Um… this is good. What is in it?

US: Slow down there cowboy, I will give you some literature on the wonderful health properties of our product. Do you or anyone in your family suffer from Heart Disease, Diabetes, Arthritis or Cancer?

Mr. Prospect: Yeah man… My mother has arthritis, and my father has had two heart attacks. My sister is a diabetic, and I have bad knees and a bad back. My great grandma sprained her ankle play sandlot football, and my kids are as a dumb as rocks. Will this stuff help any of that?

US: It is not a medicine, it is a super food for individuals that are not getting their recommended 6 – 7 servings of fruits and vegetables per day? It is getting great results and many professional athletes and celebrities are using the juice to enhance their health.

Mr. Prospect: Well how much is this stuff?

US: It retails for about $40 per bottle, but we will get to those details if you qualify for the second interview. Is your health worth $4 – $5 per day to you?

Mr. Prospect: Well of course it is?

US: Good you have answered those questions well. Have you heard of Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash flow Quadrant?

Mr. Prospect: No. Who the heck is that?

US: I will draw out some of his principles, but my mentor has a CD “Called Bridge work to Barge Building”. Have you ever wanted to learn how to run your own business?

Mr. Prospect: Of course.. who hasn’t?

US: Good.. Take a look at this income disclosure statement and check out the incomes that our business is producing. Are you willing to make the time and money sacrifices necessary to accomplish your dreams?

Mr. Prospect: Yes. I am working hard already, why not work hard at something significant. I am just scared that this is some sort of networking pyramid. It sounds too good to be true.

US: Mr. Prospect, I am a professional community organizer and business man. This is not a pyramid nor a traditional multi-level business. Are you hungry enough to allow me to coach you through the process?

Mr. Prospect: Oh I’m hungry I just have a few more questions about the money and my investment.

US: That’s understandable…It sounds likes you may be a good candidate for our business, but I need a few days to review your qualifications and share them with my partners. I want you to study these First Night Materials and come to meet my team on Tuesday. We will get back together on Friday for a few more questions. Here fill out this pre-application because we have a Team approach that you might be excited about and if something breaks I may give you a call before Tuesday.

Mr. Prospect: This sounds great. Thanks for considering me for your team, and I look forward to listening to these Cd’s and sitting back down with you in a couple of days. Man I am excited that this might just work.

US: You are welcome, and I am excited to review your qualifications and we will get back to you in a couple of days.

What if this was how every plan went? What if we as a team learned the discipline to show a plan like this four times a week? What if… What if… What if…

1 thought on “What if?”

  1. Hey Rymond and TEAM Alpha Omega,I am pumped and excited about all of your comments over the last two weeks of meetings. I especially want to thank each of you for your candidness and your sacrifice of time!! What if all of us saw ourselves as Alpha Omega Trailblazers??!! People who pointed the way and lead the way by example. I know that we do and I am bubbling over with excitement about the explosion that is taking place right now on Alpha Omega. Let’s all what if foward and see our TEAMMATES victories in each other eyes.Love you guys and see you on Tuesday Jan 6, 2009Tina

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