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Team AO,

I wrapped up this month’s book “The Go-Giver” last week, and I strongly recommend every serious leader to read this book. It is an excellent reminder of what separates our business from the rest of the networking businesses out there. Without stealing your opportunity to learn and grow yourselves, I thought I would share one of my favorite points from the book.

The author points out that we cannot find success in our business nor personal lives seeking our own gratification. Success only comes when we channel our efforts towards serving others. He mentions three modes of success that it would behoove us to acknowledge and work our way through.

  • Survival Mode: Most of us live our entire lives stuck in survival mode. We are constantly looking for the fix to the next problem, only to find another problem awaiting us. Survival mode often produces frustration and a bad attitude because it breeds hopelessness. Ninety-five percent of us are stuck in survival mode because our education makes it necessary. People in survival mode cannot see investing in two-cases of product, and when they are not getting instant results they will get off the training system, stop attending the seminars and slowly fade back into the doldrums of day to day living.
  • Save Mode: Some individuals are blessed enough to take a longer term approach to life, and start to sacrifice in order to prepare for the future. These individuals will keep their old car and save money for a rainy day. They will avoid bad debt, and contribute to their 401k and investments. In team these individuals will come to the seminars and open meetings, they read, listen and actively strive to build the business. This mode alone will only lead to a measure of success because it is based upon the individual effort, and usually the performer cannot get the results they desire.
  • Serve Mode: True success can only be found in this last mode of behaviors. Serving others is the only way we can produce meaningful and lasting results in this industry. The whole reason for go-getter is to find someone that you can serve! The only way to be happy is to give happy, and if at anytime our business is not growing it is because we are not out there serving others and helping them earn their success.

Team AO, I am striving daily to grow and become more of a servant to others. I like you all struggle to maintain the proper view of building this business, but I have my greatest joy in seeing other people achieve their goals and dreams, and I know that some of you are ready to blossom and produce fruit. The time is now and let’s get out there and crunch more carpets looking for someone that we can bless.

5 thoughts on “Go-Giver”

  1. do you and tina remember when I told you at a seminar that I had just read “the go giver” and how much I loved it? I was sooo excited to see it come down on system. it is such an awesome book. I put it in my top 5. -tawnya

  2. Hey Big Dog —Thanks for your excellent notes on our little book. That passage about “Survive, Save and Serve” was one of those thoughts that slipped out without warning as my fingers were on the keyboard, and the moment it popped up on the screen, it just rang true. In all the interviews, blogs and reviews in the past year, I think you’re the first person who’s singled out this thought! Much appreciated!Warm regards, John David Mann

  3. Mr. Mann, Thank you for writing such a fantastic and enjoyable read. Our business leaders select a book every month. Thousands of people across North America have had the chance to learn more about servanthood and success thanks to you. Thak you for the post, and God Bless…Big Dog

  4. Mr. Abernathy,What a great synopsis of this fantastic book. I see you giving more of yourself, yet reading all the blogs, your bible, BOM and yet never loosing sight of your God ordained positions such as father and husband. You are certainly a giving person and as I see you grow it encourages me to give more too. Thanks for being who you are!!Tawnya, now that you mention it I do remember you talking about this book and that just goes to show what I already knew; and that is that you and Greg are destined to be HUGE leaders on AO and TEAM at large.Let’s read this book and go out there and give more to this world.Love YATina A

  5. From 1 big dawg to another,that was one heck of an eye opener.And I must be honest that I to find myself in the survival mode as well as the save mode,I get frustrated at times when I wish that people would open their eyes in order to see that the light they see at the end of the tunnel is one huge train wreck coming and they won’t get off the track.So with that being said tells me that I need to spend even more time in the serve department and dig even more into that hole,so Big Dawg thanks for the eye opener!

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