Mighty Men and women of Strength

Team AO,

Here are the details from Larry and Marsie concerning the program that they are promoting into the group. I encourage everyone that is serious about moving forward to participate and lets Each 1 reach 2 for Orrin and Laurie Woodward!

I’m looking for some Mighty Men!
II Samuel ch 23 talks about David’s mighty men, those 37 men who became his main battle leaders and personal guard. Mark Batterman’s book “In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day”, talks about Benaiah, one of the mighty men, who “slew a lion in a pit on a snowy day”. As Batterman says, Benaiah and that lion didn’t just happen to find themselves in a pit together! Benaiah had to chase that 350 lb African lion into the pit, then jump in after him!
It’s time for my lion-chasing Mighty Men to stand up and identify themselves.
We have a major coming up Feb 26-29. I have committed to doing my two steps per day until that time, the same two steps that took us from 3 complete legs (Emerald) to 6 complete legs (Diamond) in 3 ½ months in 2004. I presently have 39 men and women who have committed to run with me to become Mighty Men and Women of Strength from Nov 15 through Feb 25. I would like to challenge anyone else who would like to change their lives permanently in the next 100 days to join us. BUT this can’t be a try!
Respond to this e-mail, and tell me you are committed to the quest.
A step is either a new plan set up, or a new plan shown. No other meeting counts (although you can get up to 2 points for a house plan in which there are 2 or more guests).
You must be on full system (with team talk) and average 2 case auto ship for the period.
You can “bank” points only during one week, just so that you have 12 points in that week.
Weeks run from Sat to Fri nite.
Every night you report by e-mail or Team Talk to your participating profit sharer reporting where you stand.
Every Sat morning, your profit sharer will e-mail or Team Talk me with their team’s report. I will then publicly acknowledge every Mighty Man and Woman of Strength on Team Talk and e-mail to the thousands of people on the Van Buskirk personal teams.
On Dec 15, Jan 15 and Feb 25, I will publish to the entire VB team those who have become my Lion Slayers by having the courage to stay the course and become finishers instead of just starters.
Those people starting Nov 15 are allowed two weeks off during the run. Those starting Dec 15 are allowed one week, and those starting in Jan run the course. No new entries in Feb, although they can start their run after the Major.
After the Major, Marsie and I will schedule a personal meeting with the Mighty Men and Women of Strength in each team, and will schedule at least a day of fun and celebration with them.
Isn’t it time you finished digging your well? In the next 100 days of consistent effort, you can form your families entire future on a framework that will not go away.
Be my Mighty Man, Marsie’s Woman of Strength. Be the hero that your family and your country are waiting for. LET’S GET IT DONE!!
Waiting to hear from you. Make sure your upline profit sharer knows too!


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