Searching for newness?

Team AO,

Has anyone ever felt like they needed to start over? Have you ever thought… I wish I could feel like I did when I first started TEAM? Often in this environment, we can find ourselves going through the motions and over time our energy and vigor can decrease. There was an old CD by Orrin Woodward entitled “Go sponsor someone else!” On the recording Orrin details all of the things that he hears from his team when they are not building the business, and his reply was always the same “go sponsor someone else.” When things are slow and when things are moving, we are encouraged to go sponsor someone else. It’s like adding a new baby into your family, that special newness revitalizes the entire household.
Tina and I have had the pleasure of working with a new couple and for me this is the most enjoyable time in TEAM. To see the hope and the energy that a new distributor has, always fires me up as well. Our system is so well put together that now getting a new person started is as simple as walking them through the “How to get started” brochure and scheduling their first house plan. Tina and I have made a point to rotate the eight step pattern quickly and with an expectancy. A new distributor should be making the list and inviting certainly within their first seven days on the team. I love helping people through the contacting and seeing their excitement when then actually confirm a guest for their house plan. Team I encourage everyone to get out there and find a couple of new fresh distributors and start the rotation of the pattern. I promise that when you do everything seems to brighten up, Tuesdays seem a little more relevant, the CD’s ring a little louder in your ears, the words jump from the book and grab your imagination, and your mind begins to re-focus on “When” you reach your goal and not “What if” you reach your goal.
Larry is coming to town and this is a big lever for you to pull your new person into the team. We should double our numbers this Tuesday by everyone picking up a guest and bringing them along to the meeting.
What is your favorite new person story? Share a good one with the TEAM…

2 thoughts on “Searching for newness?”

  1. Big Dawg,Again you are so right. Ain’t nothing like sponsoring a new person or helping someone sponsor a new person to rekindle the fire. So let’s all keep that fire stoked. Stay up. Stay strong.–jmj3

  2. John, You guys are some of the hottest on the TEAM, and Larry got an earful last night as we told them how engaged you and Bev are in this game. To go Superstar, Star 500 as quickly as you have done is a testament to our system and your willingness to adhere to List, Contact, STP, F/T, and mainly the rotation of the pattern. Keep leading and Tina and I are excited to be working with an engaged and committed couple like you both. Raymond

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