Who is the enemy?

Team AO,

In the book entitled “An enemy called average”, John L. Mason makes the case that average is not good enough. It is an interesting read because the world in which we operate tends to applaud us for being average. Often we hear that it’s alright to be average because at least you are not below average. But for leaders average is a relative assessment. The question begs… average compared to what or who? You see the average salary in comparison to the Average American is around $30,000/year. But to be average in comparison to Warren Buffet in salary is something totally different. To be average in height to Napoleon is different than being average compared to Goliath.
The challenge for the leaders on this team is to consistently compare our efforts to those leaders that have achieved the goals that we desire. So if the average Black Diamond exposed the plan 15 times a month for a consistent period of 12-18 months, and your goal is to be Black Diamond, then anything other than 15 plans is a below average effort towards you dreams. And you are sub-consciously lying to yourself about your goal. Over time, below average effort leads to a below average self image, and a poor self image leads to below average confidence, and no confidence leads to poor performance, and eventually the bar get lower and lower until we find ourselves firmly planted in the pack of average distributors. Once we settle for average status then we begin to compare our efforts against the below average distributors in order to make ourselves feel better.
The TEAM culture is one of high standards, and our leaders the Woodward’s and the Brady’s are constantly raising the bar on each of us so that we can never feel comfortable with average results. I applaud our friends Mark and Rita Haas for being such great leaders in the TEAM, and I thank God for their success because it proves that hard work can and will be rewarded. Our team needs their example to keep us from being average achievers. We have endeavored to start another open meeting in the area, and up until now I believe our efforts have been average at best in supporting this meeting with guests and growth. In the next three months we have a chance to become an above average TEAM, and I wonder who feels like “Average” is their enemy? Who is challenging themselves to get out of their comfort zone? Who is going to be the next Lydia Siebert, and step out of the pack and lead? Who is going turbo and power player in this run?
I can guarantee that the average person on TEAM AO will not achieve any of the things I just mentioned. Average is the Enemy Greatness!
We are called to do more…
Do more than just exist… LIVE!
Do more than just work…EXCEL!
Do more than just think…CREATE!
Do more than just choose…FOCUS!
Do more than just dream…DO
Do more than just try…FINISH!
Do more than just see…PERCEIVE!
Do more than just consider…COMMIT!
Do more than just believe…HAVE FAITH IN GOD!
TEAM AO you have greatness in your grasp, and I know that I can do more… What about you?

8 thoughts on “Who is the enemy?

  1. hey raymond,i believe that average has been a huge stumbling block on my performance lately as a leader on team a/o.but if you notice that i said had! so with that said keep the bar raised and lets continue to be above average and go out and challenge ourselves.we will! be with you guys every step of the journey.se you at the top!

  2. t/c,i would not expect anymore than that from the both of you. From the beginning you have been leaders on the team, and with a renewed comittment, your future is oh so bright…

  3. OUCHHHH!!! How easy it is to fake yourself out! I will be the first to admit that I have been lying to myself by setting goals and not putting in the right work to achieve them. All the time I spend reading, researching, listening, attending, watching, dreaming has been great knowledge but until I APPLY it, it means nothing to my goals of being a Black Diamond one day! Raymond, thanks for the gut check with plenty of time left to make a renewed commitment. Applied Knowledge is Power and it begins with Go-Getter! I'll see you at the meeting with Larry & Marcie!

  4. Joy, I am so proud of you as a leader because of your honesty and willingness to share your emotions. I encourage you to use this relatable and beautiful qualitiy to serve and help others as you build your buisness…God Bless

  5. Wow!!! This is a great post. It makes you stop and examine yourself. I believe I have fallen into the “Average” trap. I always encourage my children to strive to achieve more than “Average” but never stopped to think that I need to strive to be better than “Average” as well. I’m going to print this and hang it on my mirror so that it continues to remind me that “Average” isn’t good enough. It’ll remind me when I’m afraid to step out of my comfort zone, I’m settling for “Average”. When struggles cross my path and I let them interfere with achieving my dreams, I’m settling for “Average”. I need to do more and get better to get out of the “Average” trap. Thanks for the reality check. Dee

  6. Dee, Be encouraged, becasue one thing about this business is that you can start over at any time! One thing about this Team is that we love and appreciate everyone right where they are. It is a thin line between acceptance and expecting more from one another, but my challenge is to try and help others see themselves with the same potential as we see them. Dee, you and Jesse have a welath of knowledge, experience and talent, and the sky is the limit for you above average folks… God Bless

  7. Ok. This really hit home. All my life I considered myself to be above average. In school, college included, I was above average. At my jobs, above average. In regard to my family, they come to me for advice, help or justification of some sort. Because of this, I go above and beyond to make sure I am the best sister or daughter I can be. Now, I have to ask, why do I not give my own success to the same passion? I have been telling my kids their whole life that they can be anything they want to be. Are they going to listen to my words or watch my actions? How can I expect them to be above average when I have been “settling” or accepting the “that’s good enough” attitude. I don’t want them to settle for anything. I have some serious work to do and a bar to raise.

  8. hey team a/o cassandra and i had a short call session today,we made several phone calls we booked 4 plans and got a plenty of answering machines.overall it was a pretty productive evening,so with that said we are going to continue pushing ahead toward freedom not only for me and my family but for the entire team a/o. see you at the top

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