CashFlow Quadrant

Team AO,

I like everyone else in the country have been listening to all of the turmoil that our nation is facing with this economy. I thank God for the TEAM system because it has given me a financial education that is second to none. Every week we talk about the CashFlow Quadrant book by Robert Kiyosaki, but I think we sometimes minimize the importance of this book in our system. The book was written in 1998, and it predicts the times in which we now live. The credit crunch, gas prices, company mergers and bankruptcies, taxes increasing, and government intervention are all signs of the dying industrial age. We now live in the infancy of the Information Age, and we are positioned with Mona vie and Team to ride the wave to wealth. Kiyosaki acknowledges that there are only 3 ways to effectively live in the “B”quadrant…

  1. A Company or Corporation
  2. A Franchise
  3. or Network Marketing

The first two options come with high investment and risks that most Americans cannot afford in these times, but the third option is low investment, low risk and has tremendous potential. On page 78, Kiyosaki gives five things to look for in a network marketing business, and these five things are all encompassed in the TEAM Mona Vie business. Successful networking companies must have…

  1. A proven track record of success, with a world class distribution system and compensation plan. (Mona Vie)
  2. A business system that you can believe in and achieve success. (Mona Vie/TEAM)
  3. A Long term educational program designed to develop you as a self confident leader. (TEAM)
  4. A strong mentor program. (TEAM)
  5. People you respect and enjoy being with. (TEAM)

I enjoyed reopening this book, and I hope that we all are encouraging our new people to read this book, as we re-read it ourselves. What is your favorite section of the Cashflow book?

Please share your thoughts

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