A New Beginning

Team AO,

I am so excited to be back home and fully engaged in this worthwhile endeavor. The Major Seminar in Louisville had so many inspiring moments, and I would like to hear from the entire team their favorite moments. As we talked on Saturday afternoon, this represents our new re-loaded beginning for team AO, and my intent is to leave the past behind me, and run like I just got started today. Our Goal is to go SUPERSTAR and each 1 reach 1 by the November 8th seminar, and we hope you choose to run with us. We are sitting down tonight to set a ticket goal and a depth goal in our two teams and getting ready to sprint for the next 30 days.

Tina and I will begin calling our leaders to schedule a time to sit down with everyone that is willing to commit to move forward for the next 30 days. The Sling, Squeeze and Side action are in full effect, and are there any lions out there ready to roar?

3 thoughts on “A New Beginning”

  1. Hi Raymond,Some of our most memorable moments were:Orrin and Chris presentation on the Team going main stream; Chris explanation of why we’re going to explode; the ROARING lions; the business reasons to be on autoship; Orrin’s deamonstration of Team Approach; Bill Lewis’ drawing out getting traction in depth; information from the panel discussion; roll out of new DF strategy of getting more for less; 3 case Autoship Program with it’s incentives and finally, the servant leadership displayed by Terri Brady to give her presentation to the Team and then to see faith, courage, strength manifested when she shared her medical condition. It was a GREAT major loaded with information and we left with our cups running over.

  2. hey whats up big dawg i too had a wonderful time down in louisville among all of my steadfast team members.the oppertunity to share our passion and desires to get it done not only for ourselves but a greater satisfation for doing it for others!what really stood out the most for me was the true dedication and strong faith in god that chris and terry brady has dealing with there on personal struggles and to still have the commitment to not only come to the seminar but to speak as well so i have to ask myself,whats your problem? there are no excuses!so with that said rrrroar!!!! im on board lets get out ther and make it happen!

  3. Tommy and Cassandra,I am fired up for the both of you, and I want to acknowledge your service to the team, and your willingness to push thru not felling well, but still in the game. I am proud to be on your team…

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