Fired UP

300…Fired UP!

Team AO,

What a fired up meeting the other day with the team! It was great to hear from the Star 500’s and above, and your efforts to advance your businesses inspire me to do more. With the vision of a 300 person open meeting laid so eloquently before us by our leader Colby Potts, I know that we are all engaged in making a friend, finding a need, and getting people to the Tuesday open meeting.

On Sunday night the Star 1000’s were invited to a conference call with the founder of team Orrin Woodward himself, and we were blessed to hear the vision of the team laid out in it’s most simple terms. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Our plan is so simple now mainly because we do not have to apologize for helping others avoid a financial, health, or relational train wreck in their lives.
  • Orrin called for leaders to go out a be persistent in their efforts to show this plan 15 times a for at least 1-2 years in order to achieve the results.
  • Promote the tools to educate your prospects: Content is taught by giving them the Dr. Schauss CD, Commerce is taught by giving them the Mona Vie Compensation plan and IDS, and community is taught by passing out the newly re-loaded first night material MVS 40 “In that Bottle” by Randy Haugen, and MVS 31 “Barge working to bridge building” by Orrin Woodward. If you do not have these CD’s and tools to leverage with you prospects, then your duplication will be in error.
  • Depth is still not an option! We must go SuperStar by sponsoring two personals in your big tap leg, and one personal in your lesser leg and quickly setting that goal with your new distributors.
  • Superstar naturally leads to powerplayer and powerplayer leads to numbers in the system.

Orrin mentioned several teams are exploding, and the reason is because they have implemented these principles as a unit and with focus. Our meeting was on point, and we have our marching orders. Are you in the game, or are you on the sidelines accepting your own excuses?

I know that many of us will have to face many of our fears in order to move forward. There will be times when we ask ourselves is it worth all this effort. Many times we will have to ask ourselves why we keep exposing our selves to ridicule and foolishness. I know that many people will tell us no, and many will tell us that the sacrifice will not be remembered, but I stand today letting each of you know that you are worth it, and your dreams of a better tomorrow are worth it, and our families are worth it, and this nation is worth it, so stand today with me and fight for our dreams, walk into your calling and pursue with unrelenting passion your destiny, let the world know that you will not be DENIED! It’s not over until you win, and it is your time TEAM AO

1 thought on “300…Fired UP!”

  1. Hi Raymond,We agree the meeting was high charged and filled with anticipatation. Hearing the vision of a 300 person open was exciting along with the details you outlined of the house plans, combine to produce more tools to use in achieving success. As we continue this journey, we know the mindset must be to fight through the no’s, the weariness, those who stop along the journey, and if we fall, don’t stay down but get back into the fight until victory is won. When we continue this fight together as a team and then see the success together as a team that will make the struggles all worthwhile and just that more meaningful. Together We Can Do This!

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