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Expect Greatness

Team AO,

I have been recycling through some of my favorite books of the past two years, and this morning I opened a book entitled “The Dream Cycle”, by Steve Moore. I found one of the quotes that I highlighted in 2006:

“Expect great things from God, and attempt great things for God.”

One of my heroes growing up was the great heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali. As I child I loved to watch him box because he called himself the Greatest, and he fought like. Ali was a true warrior not because of his wins versus his loses, but because he fought like he was great every fight! Fifteen rounds of grueling brutality, and he would barely be able to stand yet he kept on fighting because he wanted to be great. What happened to that type of effort?
As we live in a nation battling the grips of financial ruin, political stalemates, and rising costs, it is somewhat easy for us to lose our hope and faith in building a passive residual business. We can lose our belief because it may seem at times like no one can see what we see, and if they do see the merits of Team Mona Vie, then they are too busy or too broke to start the endeavor. It is at times like these that we must hold fast to the truth that is taught by our training system. It is obvious to me that the go to school, get a good safe job advice is obsolete in today’s global market. It is equally obvious to me that if the vast majority of Americans do not change their financial mode of operation, we will be facing an even greater crisis then the one we are experiencing today. Team teaches us to start digging our wells before we are thirsty, and to begin changing our thoughts and ideas from home to work, to home to work to business. The CD’s motivate me to aspire to greatness, and encourages me to belief that I am worthy of that greatness.
There was a time when greatness was highly esteemed in America, and those that achieved greatness understood to whom much is given much is required. The greatness of America is to see an American make it big, and to use that example as a model of hope to inspire others. Along the way we lost that model, greatness is now attributed to movie stars, billionaires, and sports figures. Parents no longer expect greatness from their children, instead they make excuses by blaming the schools, the curriculum or the faculty. I for one am tired of mediocrity, I know that we can make a difference in our world by raising the bar of greatness. I am learning to expect greatness from myself and others, and I know that great ideas give great hope, and great hopes will inspire us to try great things.
Greatness requires that we first Expect God to help us, and then God will expect us to TRY!

3 thoughts on “Expect Greatness”

  1. Hey Big Dog;Yet another fantastic post. i want you to know that I see greatness in you the Leadership of TEAM and in TEAM ALPHA OMEGA for sure. I see a team of people who can and will change the face of TEAM MONAVIE in a positive way. We have every walk of life, black folks and white folks, young and old, educated and naturally wise all in one TEAM called ALPHA OMEGA and I am proud to be associated with such a determined, loving and genuine gropu of people. See you all AT THE TOP!!!Love Tina

  2. Hi Raymond,Thanks for the encouraging post. We have read that Team is a “crazy journey” but it is a journey none-the-less. As with any journey there are ups and downs; mountain highs as well as valley lows. We believe that during the times that appear to be valley lows, it is crucial to keep the faith alive, remember were we have come from, keep moving forward and to push past obstacles as we put into action the training received through the Team system. As long as we keep moving we will be victorious. A journey of a 1000 miles begins with the first step; and we have already taken that step, so let’s continue this “crazy journey” together.

  3. Deacon and Sister Paul,I thank God for you both being such committed leaders on the team, and this journey is better because we share it with you both.Raymond

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