The Cycle of Struggle!

Team AO,

Tina and I are back from Charlotte, NC, and we had a great time sharing the team with the leaders from that area. I say again how blessed we are as a Team to have leaders like each of you in this battle with us. As seminar speakers, often Tina and I learn more than we teach, and this weekend was no exception. Our hosts were a lovely couple that had been in this industry for 37 years, and as you could imagine they have seen and experienced everything under the sun. I am continually amazed at how much the entire networking field respects and admires the Woodward’s, Brady’s and leaders on the team. All weekend they spoke of how great the Team system is and how great the marriage of Team and Mona Vie was going to be. There were folks that travelled 4 and 5 hours to attend the seminar, and they were hungry for the information.
I cannot wait until you all get a chance to speak from the team stage and experience the vision of 1 million people from behind the podium!

Most of our seminar content was plagiarized from Doug and Shari Stroh because they did such a fantastic job, but I thought I would share some of my thoughts from the second half of the seminar in Charlotte. The story portion of the seminar is where the speakers share their personal Dream, Struggle, and Victory, so I chose to expose the group to my experience in the cycle of the struggle. This I believe is universal, and let me know what you think about this process.

  1. Most of us, if we went back to when we saw the business, we joined because we received new information and that information became relevant knowledge because it ignited our dreams. KNOWLEDGE eventually leads to BELIEF.
  2. When we are new, often our belief is at best wavering. One day our belief is up and one day it is down based upon our moods, successes, failures, and attitude. But for those who stay in the game and seek counsel from their moving on up line, they will eventually gain CONFIDENCE.
  3. As we gain in confidence and get some success in showing the plan and sponsoring new distributors, we gain in COMFORT.
  4. As we gain in our comfort levels in the business, we can slip into management mode by believing our own press clippings and too much comfort will lead to FAILURE.
  5. Our teams are looking for a leader and not a boss, failures can mount and we can stall out or even go backwards in the business. This is where many people come to the fork in the road. To the left is the option to just quit and make convenient excuses for our lack of productivity, but to the right is the solution that we all must face if we want long term results. Failures should lead to HUMILITY.
  6. We cannot properly respond to our failures unless we humble ourselves and own up to the responsibility of changing our behaviors. Humility will challenge us to face the music and get back to the basics of being HUNGRY again.
  7. Hungry for the CD’s, hungry for the books, and hungry for the association, and some of that positive has to rub off on our attitudes and fuel the pursuit of our dreams. A Hungry student knows to let their learning lead to action. Hunger leads to WORK ETHIC.
  8. Being a go-getter on this team is paramount, and those who work to show this idea 15 times every 30 days are my heroes in the team. Go-getter gets us in a position to win the law of numbers, and the go-getter work ethic leads to RESULTS.
  9. Superstar is the new standard of excellence, and every leader on this team should run to be a new superstar by the major. Superstars sets up power player, and power player leads to any result on the income disclosure statement. Having gone through the 8 steps of struggle we will learn just how much we still do not know, and Results leads back to step one more KNOWLEDGE. And the process begins again…

As I taught this weekend I put myself in this process and identified where I was struggling and made the decision to fight my way to the next steps. Team where are you? And are you fighting through your struggles?

1 thought on “The Cycle of Struggle!”

  1. Congratulations Raymond and Tina for being one of the Top 5 performing couples in the category of “Leadership Ticket Sales” at a seminar for the month of August.Job well done! Keep setting the right example by leading from the front. Thank you for being such great representatives of Team Alpha Omega. We are honored to be on the plane with you. May God continue to richly Bless You!

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