Are you willing to look foolish for your dreams?

Team AO,

What a fantastic seminar last night from Doug and Shari Stroh. I believe that Doug taught one of the “secrets” to the business last night in the ticket holder meeting, and I am sure that everyone there received some great information. We were so inspired that today we had a strategy/calling session with the fabulous Joy Saverson, and she brought over her contacts from the health fair a few weeks ago. As calling sessions usually go, we started off calling the familiar, and re-treads with little to no success. Tina kept getting answering machines and “no’s”, Joy kept getting the run around and I kept getting the wrong numbers. At some point each of us had exhausted the familiar with nothing booked, and then it happened… We looked at Joy’s list of strangers from a health fair a month ago. The list sat there growling at us with sharp teeth. None of us we interested in calling complete strangers that submitted their names in a drawing to win a free bottle of Mona Vie! But bound a determined to make something happen, we did not care if we looked and sounded like fools, we need to light a fire in the bottom and move on!

We sat at a kitchen table and each of us took a turn calling the strangers. It took a minute to get the script together, but we learned from one another and kept calling. Then it happened, we started to actually call strangers, that tasted the product a month ago at a health fair, using Joy as a reference and book plans. What started off as another fruitless calling session quickly turned into a competition to see who could book the fastest. Sure we got a few hang ups, we got a bunch of wrong numbers, we got the proverbial “I am not interested in that at all!”, we got a few “call me backs”, and a “send me an email”, but all told after about 70 calls between us three we were able to book about 6 plans for this week, and I am fired up about that! Those six people know at least another 600 people, and if we take what Doug taught us last night we can get wealthy from just this one calling session.

I know for sure that I looked and sounded like a fool on that phone because Joy and Tina looked and sounded foolish, but a strange thing happens when leaders do not care what others think. As opposed to letting fear talk us out of making calls, we started to expect the people on the other end to want to see our business, and as our expectancy grew so did our results. At some point we figured what’s the worst that can happen. Looking foolish is what all successful people have to do, and when your dream is big enough, and when your pain hurts enough, and when your dread is dreadful enough, you too will pick up the phone and look and sound foolish as well.

Are you willing to look foolish for your dreams?

List the names of all the successful people that you know and I bet at some time in their journey they too looked and sounded like the village idiot! But often the one who looks like the idiots get the last laugh… Microsoft 1978…See Bill Gates bottom left!

Please share your thoughts

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