Crunching Carpet?

Team AO,

First of all, congratulations to all of the Star 500 and above leaders that we met with on Saturday. What a great group of leaders to be around and I enjoyed sharing time with the committed leaders working on moving forward. We spoke a lot about getting back to the basics, as Orrin and Chris have been detailing on the Team Talk portion of our EBC. The basics of our business is our eight step pattern and running for go-getter or 15 plans every month. We have just come through what I believe is our first Plan, Do, Check and Adjust cycle with team Mona Vie. The initial plan was to leverage the “6-This” to expose our new product to the world, and now that we are settling into our next plan, we have learned that the “6-This” is effective for your brand new excited Distributor, but for the builders, we must get back to the basics of our 8 step pattern.

  1. Dream: Nothing happens but first the Dream!
  2. Commit: Commitment should match the size of the Dream.
  3. List: Categorizing by groups (Family, Friends, Co-workers, Church…)
  4. Contact: Lead with Mona Vie, or Leadership… The goal is to sit down together.
  5. STP: Make a friend, Find a need, Tie that need to what ever portion of our business plan fits their personality or need, and promote Tuesday. (15X / Month)
  6. Follow-through: Be professional and leave TEAM and Mona Vie CD’s and book a meeting to sit back down.
  7. Get them Started in this process if they are a builder.
  8. Check your progress with your moving on leaders.

None of this is new to those that have been around for a while, but I know that Tina and have been drifting away from rotating the pattern pure, clean and fast, and the results have been slowed growth. We have re-committed ourselves to slowing down to go fast, and I encourage everyone to go back to the basics.

Last week we had a guest at Tuesday, and because the basics were on my mind I made a point to book a solid follow-thru for last Friday, and Tina and I went to “Crunch Some Carpets.” For the first time in a while, I was not looking to sign them up, or sell a bottle, we went into the meeting with the specific purpose to make a friend and listen. Two hours later we had accomplished that goal and promoted the Tuesday again along with the Seminar this Saturday. We were reminded of the importance of seeing people not as little distributors with no legs in or Mona Vie tree, but to see people as we were when someone took the time to crunch our carpet and make a friend with us. Team AO, who crunched your carpets, and how did that get you onto the Team? What did they do or say that encouraged you to come to Tuesday? How did they get you to your first Seminar or Major? And when you answer this, you will know what to do in your next plan on your way to go-getter…

Please share your thoughts

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