The Inner Circle

Team AO,

In John Maxwell’s book “The 17 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”, he has a very interesting chapter on the Law of the Inner Circle. In it he proposes that there are three kinds of people on any team, first are those that get on board with the leaders vision and immediately begin to add benefit to the organization. Secondly those that are wishy-washy and are half in and half out of the organization based upon their circumstances and/or moods. Lastly, those that are constantly negative, and complaining about the direction of the team while never contributing to the advancement themselves.

Often as leaders we find ourselves spending most of our time trying to convince those in the last group to change, but Maxwell believes and I agree that we should invest our time and energy in our best assets. All of us should be working toward creating an inner circle of committed leaders that we can trust to be there on Tuesday, at the Seminars and at the Major convention. Larry spoke of this type of commitment at our last seminar when he suggested that we should not commit time to those that will not reciprocate a commitment of time themselves. Maxwell gives us five types of people we should have in our inner circle because of the value they add:

  1. Potential Value – An inner circle team member must have the ability to motivate and lead themselves first. No one can make anyone else do anything. They have to want it for themselves and be able to push themselves to go get it!
  2. Positive Value – An inner circle team member raises the morale of others, is a lifter and not a leaner.
  3. Personal Value – An inner circle team member supports, edifies and encourages the Leader. Not a “yes man”, but a trusted advisor that helps that leader improve. Iron sharpens Iron!
  4. Production Value – An inner circle team member gets things done, and encourages others to get things done. Showing 15 plans a month with a results focus is the bar that Tina and I are striving for.
  5. Proven Value – An inner circle team member will work at being a duplicatable master copy for others to follow. This duplication will result in eventual explosive growth.

Colby and I are looking for leaders for the inner circle… Team AO needs your added value to move ahead, and we know that you are out there. It just a decision… Come join the inner circle!

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