Success Formula

Team AO,

Often I find myself pondering the word “success”… What is success? How does one achieve success? How long must I labor in order to reach the goals that I have set? These and many other questions run through my mind at every seminar when I see others moving on faster than myself. And if I am not careful, I find myself falling into a pattern of negative and counter productive thinking.

Norman Vincent Peale has a tremendous book entitled “The Power of Positive Thinking”, in this classic book he discusses a formula that he and countless others have used to achieve personal success. He first of all acknowledges God as the source of all good and perfect gifts. Success without a faith rooted in God is only temporal, and its fruits are fleeting. Dr. Peale provides the following formula and a thought processes designed to propel us toward a bright new picture.

PRAYERIZE – A daily system of creative prayers to God. Often we find
ourselves going through the faith motions and recanting the same old stale,
lifeless prayers. Creative prayer is taking our everyday problems to God
in prayer as they occur. Taking our concerns, worries, heartaches and
struggles to God seeking guidance and answers. He encourages us to have
normal daily conversations with God about the issues that confound our thinking
and paralyze our activities. Build habits of prayerizing you mind in order
to prayerize your activities.

PICTURIZE – The person that visualizes success will ultimately find success, and
those that picture failure will surely fail. Chris Brady refers to this as
the “what if” process. Successful people tend to look at the world with
the mindset of what if this works, while unsuccessful people tend to think hat
happens if this does not work. To achieve meaningful success, we first
must seek God’s will, and then picture what that success looks like. Over
time we must hold firmly to that picture and continue to seek Godly counsel
through prayer. Leave the results to God, and go to WORK intelligently
pursuing what God has allowed you to see.

ACTUALIZE – Prayers leads to the right thoughts, and the right thoughts lead to
the right viewpoint, and that viewpoint allows us to see doors of opportunity
opening before our eyes. Actualization is reaping the rewards of what
through faith your mind’s eye can see.

My hope is that each of us will look inward and begin the process of fixing ourselves. That processes promises to be a big job, but through prayer and pictures we can receive answers and see the solutions to our roadblocks.

Maybe you are afraid to contact…

The next time you are in a line of people, ask God to give you’re the words to say to contact the person that needs your help. And see yourself finding a need, making a friend and asking for their phone number.

Maybe you have a problem getting people to the open meeting…

The next time you invite someone, ask God to provide you with an attractiveness that demands that others want to be around whatever you are doing, and see that person in your car riding to the meeting with you.

What ever it is God can and wants to fix it for you, all we have to do is ask and believe, and all things are possible. Can you see it?

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