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We’re not in Kansas anymore


It is certainly good be home and back in the game. Tina and I had a great weekend sharing the Team with members of Blue Diamonds Bill and Jann Newtons’ group in Kansas. They were so hungry for the information and I truly believe that in conducting seminars, Tina and I learn more than we teach. They are fairly new to the Team environment, and yet they still had new powerplayers, Silvers, and Bronzes get recognized this weekend. The weekend gave Tina and I a chance to truly unplug from the day to day grind and pressures and find time to sharpen the saw. Over the entire weekend we did not turn on the television once in the hotel, and it was refreshing to have the time to think.

I believe that our results as an organization are a direct reflection of our willingness to unplug from the media and cares of the world, and plug into the system. We are what we predominantly think about, and we attract only what we have become. For instance, as the world spins around what is happening in Russia, and who died, or who admitted to cheating on their spouse, I received a call over the weekend from our leader Colby Potts on how many prospects were at his Saturday morning open meeting and how many were coming to Tuesday. Joy Saverson spoke with Tina all weekend about a health fair and where she exposed Mona Vie to countless people while gathering 65 new names and numbers and a guest coming to Tuesday. Obviously, Colby and Joy had their business on their minds, and their minds on their business.

So team I ask what topics dominate your thoughts? Are you spending countless hours thinking about topics that are out of your sphere of influence, while publicly stating your desire to retire early? Are you really chasing a dream or are you sleep walking your way through life? I don’t expect anyone to comment, nor do I want anyone to comment, I am just asking you the same questions that Tina and I ask ourselves… We have two months to our major convention, and there is ample time to run for PowerPlayer… I predict that those that place powerplayer in the forefront of their minds will attain the goal, while those that do not will only have their thoughts to blame…

So what’s on your mind? Where do you spend your time, money and effort? Only you know. Doors of opportunity do not remain open forever. Are you easily distracted? What system guides your thoughts?


We live in an America where security on exists in your ability to perform, and to quote Dorothy… We are not in Kansas anymore!

1 thought on “We’re not in Kansas anymore”

  1. Team AO – you all truely lead from the heart! Another fantastic Tuesday evening! Raymond, Tina and Lidia did an outstanding job of sharing the true heart of Team! Just getting a little bit of the Team action by bringing a couple different guests on different Tuesdays; has to be one of the most enjoyable career/friendship experiences ever! My heart is on fire for what Chris and Orrin cooked up in their new book, “Leadership Tid Bits.” This information has no competition on the marketplace any where on any level. It is straight from the heart of God! Sorry I’m rambling, but I just never knew helping people unplug from the real matrix could be so much fun! And heart liberating! Team AO – you always make my guests feel welcome and demonstrate the purest form of leadership on the spot/instantly! You truely are #1!

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