Forget about being fair


I went to the bookstore the other day and picked up a book on leadership just to see how it compared to the Launching the Leadership Revolution book written by our founders. It was pretty much the same content as I browsed through the chapters until I came across the chapter entitled, “Forget about being fair.” So naturally opened the book to read the premise behind the authors’ words.

Often we as Americans live our lives expecting everything to be fair, and for people to judge us by a moral compass of fair play. And there is nothing wrong with expecting people to be just and faithful in our dealings. When it comes to business we all are looking for a good deal and expecting people to live by the fairness doctrine. Many people look at our industry and try and say that it’s not fair that some people have worked their way to the top and others have not. As you expose the business to prospects, you may encounter a person with the attitude that says I will join your group, and as long as you help me, support me, love me, and guide me fairly, I will reciprocate that same help, support and love towards you, but if you do wrong by me, I will do wrong by you. On the surface that sounds fair enough, until we take a closer look at the destruction caused by that thinking.

Let’s say you were at the altar with your spouse,and the vows read, “I will honor, cherish and love her until she does something that I disagree with, and then I will treat her likes she treats me.” Most of us would not have made it past the honeymoon with those vows, and here is the problem with that thinking. We are fallen human beings bound to make some mistakes in judgement, bound to ruffle a few feathers as we grow in leadership. No two people are perfect enough to co-exist in an eye for and eye environment. If I knowingly or unknowingly offend someone that I have a relationship with, and they respond in kind, then it starts a spiraling trend of treating one another as we have been treated(seems fair), and soon the relationship will be broken beyond repair.

Fairness sounds good, but we as friends and business partners must go beyond being fair. When we are offended or someone says or does something that we consider wrong or just stupid, it is the leaders job to respond better than they have been treated. The leader will often have to be the one to take the loss in order to maintain the relationship. The leader also has to inform the other party of the offense in order to foster a healthy relationship in which both parties are helping each other mature.

In a people business we have to go above and beyond fairness in order to achieve meaningful results. As we encounter people that base their actions towards us by how they feel treated, we should be careful not to enter into those relationships on those terms. Our Team is looking for an opportunity to treat others better than they could ever treat us, and when we institute that kind of service, people will flock to our peculiar environment.

6 thoughts on “Forget about being fair

  1. Hey Raymond & Tina,Once again, Raymond, you have knocked it out the park with this post! Such a “right on time” message! I don’t even know what I want to say in my response, but I’m just thinking that I never knew what leadership was. It never crossed my mind to be a Leader and now that I am learning these principles….I can never turn back. I’m starting to realize that this is a lifelong journey and how self-discipline plays a HUGE role in this process. Everyday I am faced with a challenge or choice to respond to a situation as a Leader or a Victim and sometimes it is a battle between my flesh and what I know is the right thing to do. Sometimes I win that battle by choosing the correct response and sometimes I don’t, BUT I am now ALWAYS AWARE of the two. Which is a great feeling because you cannot fix something until you are aware that something needs fixing! I just don’t know how anyone can make it without plugging into and implementing our TEAM System! Knowing what it has done and is currently doing in my life…not promoting the TEAM System (along with the Word) would put me off track of living my purpose!Thanks for this post…it truly touched me this morning.TEAM AO – Let your light shine….you’ve been called to make a difference/so lets be different!6-THIS for August1 down/14 to go

  2. Raymond, I wanted to add that sometimes I ask “Why me, why me, why me?” Why do I have to be nice? Why do I have to remain calm? Why do I have to hold my tongue? And what I receive is, “Why not you, Joy! You have been called to do and be something great and I am going to use you even in the mist of your troubles to get it done!” TEAM AO, Let us not grow weary in well-doing, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart – Gal 6:9. We’ve been called to do something great!

  3. Way to go raymond on your perspective of what it takes to be a leader.As aleader you always have to keep others ahead of yourself,and that is one of the reasons why i love being around the team and like minded people.That brings me to my point,while out on a 6 cassandra and i had to handle a question as to why would you want to help me build a b/type business? THat is why the world need team and people who are on the team as well,trying to make a difference in someones life.So A/O lets continue to grow and more importantly lead others to a MILLION people,i know i’ll do my part!see you at the top

  4. Joy, Thank you for being such a consistent student of the system. It’s no wonder that you never fall out of the pursuit of your dreams. I can always count on you reading and responding to the blog because you are in the game! Keep leading and let your light shine bright on the IL side..Raymond

  5. Bonnie and Clyde,Keep on ridin’ Tommy I remember when you first joined you told Colby and I that you were not going to quit, and at first I thought I’ve heard that before. But you and Cassandra have proven your word, and now it’s time to step out of the pack and join the executive ranks. Rotate clean and fast and we will see you at the top.Raymond

  6. Team A-O, I hope you all are doing your part to get people around our Team on Tuesday and our leaders Raymond and Tina Abernathy. I enjoy reading his blog and your responses. We have been and will continue to be the spirit(fire and passion) of the team here in the midwest. Why do so many of our cross line cousins want to hear R&T? Why do people understand what we do and want to become a part of it when they here R&T? Why does the Team Office frequently ask them to speak?I hope you know the answer and are using it to build your community and growing personally at the same time.In addition, while I ask you all to leverage R&T to build your business make sure that you do not try to be them. What R&T want you to do is to let the real you out through our system. R&T are a critical part of our team but we must have more of you coming to the executive ranks. See you at the top in Jesus Name.

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