Preparation For Success


I am currently re-reading a book given to me by my children entitled “Becoming a Millionaire God’s Way.” The foreword of the book was written by Robert Kiosaki, and it is chalk full of the Godly principles that the Team system so heavily promotes. One of the Chapters speaks about our modern education system and it’s areas of deficiency. We are taught the basics of reading writing and arithmetic, along with science, geography, chemistry, and a myriad of other “how to” subjects designed to makes us effective employees trapped in vicious cycle of check to check living. Amazingly, if I asked each of you to list the top three most important areas of your life outside of your relationship with God; most of us would list our marriages, our children, and our finances, but in 22 years of formal education I did not attend any classes on those very important subjects.

When we share this idea with potential team members, we can never forget that they too have never had any training in these areas, and they have the same cares, worries, and financial stresses as we do. As great as Mona Vie is with it’s wonderful health benefits, and it’s rewarding compensation, it can never supply to the average person the skills needed to lead a large community of people. Without an aware and educated community, the money and time will run from us and not to us.

Team the purpose of this blog is for you to share and grow so that we as a Team can develop the synergy of collaboration. One of the themes that keeps coming up when Colby and I sit down is how can we better lead the group to help others get greater results. Colby is such a great thinker, and he does not get enough credit for his tenacity and leadership. We spent a couple of hours Sunday thinking about the Team, trying to create an environment conducive for explosive growth. All of or ideas and thoughts lead to more emphasis on the system, and a laser like focus on finding a need, making a friend and getting people into our Tuesday environment!

We should sound like a Broken record, Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday. This organization is ready to explode, the six month of no product proved to be a great ground for preparing all of us as better leaders. Do not sell yourselves short… Tina and I have conducted 12 Seminars over the past few years, and I have yet to see a Team as passionate and talented as Team AO, our only short coming is our inability to heavily promote the system, and leverage the Tuesday environment. We have made some great steps in advancing over the past few months, and remember Success is when preparation and opportunity meet. See you at the open!

6 thoughts on “Preparation For Success

  1. Hi Raymond and Tina,Great motivational post!We are yet working on ourselves through the system to grow and get better. One of our areas for improvement is in getting people out to Tuesday. We know we have fallen short in this area and with the help of God we will change that. Mark Huber has demonstrated the importance of the Tuesday meeting in that he built his business by getting good at getting people out to Tuesday. Thanks for the reminder because it is our desire to do our part in leading the growth and development of the Team. We will see you at the top.

  2. Deacon and Sister Paul, I appreciate your sweet spirit and willingness to serve the team. I know that everyone on the Team feels your heart and sincerity every time you submit a comment or speak in our meetings. I am proud to be associated with such beautiful people. God Bless you and we will see you both at the top. –Raymond

  3. Team A-0, indeed we are prepared for success. We have laid a foundation here in the midwest for the Team to go to 1 million people. Do not ever forget about this significant contribution that you have made. Make sure you build your commumity on it.Secondly, we are well prepared because we kept our community together during a major transition. We stayed true to our dream, system and each other during a battle with billionaires. Do not ever forget this significant accomplishment as well. In fact, the things with our former supplier had to take place in order for us to get to these current new green pastures.Build, Build, Build and Build your community leveraging your system to get people to Tuesday. Most importantly, do not forget your God given abilities to influence others to success. We are prepared to grow our numbers. Getter done.As always, I’ll see you at the top.

  4. Hey Team another great post by Raymond to a fantastic organization like A O!!First let me take time to thank each of you for your phone calls,text, gifts, words and all other expressions of love given to me on my B-Day. You all are in my prayers and I thank you once again.Second, my past week report was fantastic with reading, awesome with listening to CD’s but not soo good with asking the question. I asked only 3 timessothe PDCA and Larrys latest CD reminds me that prospecting must be on going.Lastly, I want to ask a question to each of you and look forward to your responses here on the blog. TEAM A O do we have child like faith as it pertains to this business? What I mean is when we show the plan, ask the question, promote seminars and Tuesday do we EXPECT an answer of YES!!! We each have to search ourselves but I encourage us to have child like faith so that when we MAKE a plan,we then WORK the plan and EXPECT success as the reward for our efforts!!!Onward and Forward!!Tina A

  5. Micah and Shannon, Great job on implementing the each on reach one program. This is how we will explode our TEAM. Getting people into our environment is the key to producing leaders in AO, and I can count on you both being great students of the system…Raymond

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