Human Beings

Team AO,

I just listened to a fantastic CD from Chuck Goetchel about taking responsibility. I will not rehash the entire CD, but one point stuck with me. He makes a point that a lot of people in their desire for success will not try because they are afraid what others may think of them if they fail. He goes on to explain that our failures do not define who we are as people. We are human beings, not human doings. God created man unique in all of his creation, in the sense that we are the only creatures that have the intelligence to learn from experience, adapt to the changing environment, create tools to aid our development, document and share information, and finally assist others in making better decisions. It is sad that today many people have relegated themselves to living by instinct, as opposed to exercising their God given ability to learn by trial and error. We get so afraid of failing that we take the safe instinctive way to work for 50 years knowing that story has a bad ending. We refuse to challenge areas in our lives that are broken because we are afraid of the work associated with the change. In our businesses we may not call certain people because of what they may think, we may not promote our association because we would not want people to know that we attend those type of meetings.

One of the requirements of reward is risk, and success will only come to those that earn it by stretching and growing. As we enter this new phase of our journey, Team let me be they first to congratulate each of you for still being in the game! Now it is time to start being who God created you to be. Stop worrying about failing and try… Only then will your greatness be truly revealed, and only then will you see yourself as you are and not what you do.

4 thoughts on “Human Beings

  1. Old things are past away and all things become new. Through Christ – my old nature is dead and my Father’s nature is now alive within me. That is who I am.I am bold to share what I believe because the very creator of the universe dwells in me and speaks to me. He loves and leads me to teachers of truth so that I increase in wisdom and understanding. I share the hope that is within me. People are attracted to me and follow me to where to get what I know. Tuesday nights are exploding with my guests and my guests’ guests and my guests’ guests’ guests… !

  2. Ditto Raymond I too listened to that same cd and I personally got alot of information out of it.So I say what good is a tool if all we do is leave it hanging against the wall!? Lets fight team for what our God has laid out before us.See you A/O at the top I plan on being there will you?

  3. Eat my dust Team AlphaOmega! I bought seven copies of Wild at Heart on sale for guys at church. I booked two six this’s and one follow-through for tomorrow. And got five new names and numbers at the mall. Fired up that was fun!

  4. Hi Raymond & Tina, We enjoyed your post which brought to mind the scripture that says: “God did not give us the spirit of fear but of love, power and of a sound mind”. So, in that God has brough that scripture back to our minds, we can accept the fact that God has given us all the weapons we need to combat anything that comes against us.Report for the week is as follows: 8 CD's listened to; the question was asked 4 times; still reading the Anadote of Peace and 1 new distributor signed up. We will see you at the top.

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