Team AO,

Yesterday I had an associate that I had introduced to team about a year ago call me to try and get me to join his “telecommunications company”. First of all, this guy was probably one of the most arrogant people that I have ever shown this idea. He was involved in a financial industry MLM at the time and claiming to make thousands per week. He adamantly did not want to get involved in books, CD’s and meetings as he felt that his business was clearly better than our model. I took the high road as we all should when people want to compare businesses, and wished him the best of luck in his endeavor. So you could imagine my surprise when he called me yesterday. He mistakenly heard that we had left our former supplier, and that we were no longer in business. I quickly corrected him and let him know that the TEAM is still rolling and moving ahead even faster with our new partners Mona Vie. After a long pause in which he picked up his face… He asked how could that be?

You see Team, as much as we try to explain the difference between a MLM and TEAM, many people still do not get the distinction. I cannot blame them because no one in the industry has ever pulled off what Orrin, Chris and all of you have done. The ability to grow and sustain a committed community of business owners regardless of the product is a NEW and unique concept. After I tried to explain what we were, he asked me why would I not just bring our entire community over to his telecommunications MLM? Now think of this logic… Here is a guy that last year claimed to be making thousands per month with Product X, he quit that company and now he is with Product Y claiming thousands per month as well. And his assumption is that I would leave TEAM to follow him. That would be like a man that has sank one ship, swam to another ship that is leaking and asking me to leave my expanding 76 foot Yacht, and jump on his ship.

I have been at this a while, and I know that there are other great companies with great products out there. But I also have seen this scenario dozens of times. People assume that a great product will attract people in droves and everyone will join. But in my experience, I have seen people jumping from product to product with the same results… Nobody following them. People do not join Products, people join you! Team, never forget to be hungry, hone able and most importantly Honorable when presenting this idea. People join honesty, integrity, persistence, determination, and courage. Businesses come and go, but in this day and age it is hard to find someone in business that you can trust.

In my eight years in this industry, I have never had anyone come back to me and show me how they have built a better model than ours. Everyone is looking for the shortcut, and we have found it…

  1. Build a community of people that you trust and they trust you.
  2. Educate that community on the timeless principles of success.
  3. Create a consistent positive environment to encourage and motivate performance.
  4. Follow a duplicatable pattern that has proven results.
  5. Don’t Quit!

3 thoughts on “Persist

  1. That is awesome!! It is amazing to see that kind of commitment in our leaders. I have never heard, nor will ever hear, of such an amazing group of people that are joined together leading one another to success and happiness!Love ya’ll!

  2. Well said Raymond,I was talking to my friend Jaque that I had brought to men’s leadership. Dean Frey had really struck a cord with him, and he wanted to get some more info on leadership. I explained to him that we were much more than juice salesmen. I went on to tell him how we still gathered to study the principles of leadership even when we were without a product for eight months. He was truly amazed at that and to see someone outside this environment understand what we have done made me appreciate even more how special we are, and what we are going to do.There is a bright future out there for us all and as I dedicate myself to this process of becoming a leader through the books , cd’s, and assoc. I can see the vale being lifted layer by layer and my vision becoming clearer.have a GREAT day.

  3. Anthony, I am so proud of you for persisting in the team process. The growth is so evident in your life, and my prayer is that you will continue to expand the Illinois side of TEAM AO. Thanks for being accountable to the team via this blog.

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