Do you value the association?


I very much enjoyed Dean and Teresa Frye this past weekend. I shared with my Sunday School class some of Dean’s teachings, and I wanted to post some thoughts from the weekend. Probably for the first time in a while, I felt a sense of urgency in getting our Team and our prospects to value the association aspect of our system. Being able to learn and fellowship with team members Saturday was a good time for me. One of the things that we do well as an organization is make people feel better for being in our presence, and we can never forget that!

As we march towards our Fall Major in Kentucky, I want the team to have a renewed vigor for getting ourselves and our guests to Tuesdays and the Seminars. everyone should have a goal of getting at least one guest to the meeting on Tuesday, and moving at least one seminar ticket before our August meeting. We should also try our best to sit together as TEAM AO, and edify one another to our guests enthusiastically. It is time for us to place a value on the information and the leverage that Tuesday brings.

I personally am re-committing to proper promotion of the Tuesday meeting, and I will be there on time and on my post ready to edify our system, it’s leaders, and those of you that heed this message and have guests weekly. The Star 500 meeting is quickly approaching, and I encourage everyone to be there. We will be rolling out some exciting new opportunities for our team, and we need the input of the Star 500 and above leaders ignite this new phase.

Are you going to be there? It begins with Tuesday + Guests…

6 thoughts on “Do you value the association?”

  1. This past weekend was wonderful. They Frey’s were very down to earth and spoke from the heart. I truly enjoyed listening to the crowds comments on how TEAM has affected thier lives. In review of my notes I especially liked the list of items to work on to Attract People & the talk on Expectancy as I tend to see the negative side ahead of the positive.As for the challenge: I listened and read daily. I asked the ? 4 times and got new name and number each time and you see my post :.)!!Onward and forward Alpha Omega. Lets build numbers in the specific area of TUE and SEMINARS!!Love yaTina

  2. Hey BigDog I like 2 start off by saying that cassandra and I are sorry that we missed an exciting weekend,but never the less we were there in spirit.I would like 2 start by saying that while we were away cassandra made (three) contacts sold (one) bottle.It didnt stop there 2day we did (1) six this with a cold contact who went on line and did his own research all was left to do was to drive out to let him sample the juice! We left him with more tools and have a F/U with he and his wife but we look 4 them to get started.On our next F/U ,also a cold contact got started 2nite, shes on autoship and shes bringing out a few of her freinds to the tue open.So team A/O lets show some love to the new member ms. Sadie travis.C U guys at the top Woof!

  3. Hey Raymond & Tina,I absolutely love this post Raymond, fantastic job! I completely agree…I was thinking yesterday how TEAM is completely different from any other organization and any other builder of Mona Vie. How we stuck together during the storm with no product and little communication with the outside TEAMS. Sharon did a 6-this the other day and asked me to come over and the lady asked me, “Do I have to go to those meetings?” Now this was after she told me what a rank of Silver or Gold would do for her household and after she dreamed of buying a house and being able to send her kids to college. Before I knew it, I said, “That is like owning a McDonalds and asking Ronald if you have to sell the fries?” Needless to say……she didn’t get in! BUT, just like Attitude is the difference maker…for TEAM, system is the difference maker! I know we have those no shows for Tuesday, and people just don’t want to come and I believe that that is where 100% system is very important. I talk to a guy who I sold a bottle to…he called me for another bottle because it has been a week without it and he notice the difference when he doesn’t drink it…I explained the business side and he heard of these things before and he doesn’t want to sell juice. And I stopped him and said, “I’m sorry. You must have us confused….You think we just sell juice? This lead to a discussion of, “What makes TEAM different?” I invited him out to Tuesday and he doesn’t want to come YET, but I set up a time to get with him so that he can start listening to CDs because they can explain a lot more than me on why we are different. I told him the question is, “Will you listen to them long enough to figure out “Why”? I have to agree that Tuesday and System never felt more appropriate and necessary than right now! It allows others to stop judging the business by me and get in on the fact that we are going to 1 million people, one family at a time!See you at the TOP!!! sorry so long 🙂6-THIS1 down/14 to go!

  4. Tommy and Cassandra, I can always count on you both for consistent effort. Congrats on your new distributor, and I look forward to meeting your guests tonight… Keep leading!

  5. Joy, What a great comment! You are such a great leader, and I am always impressed with your business savvy and heart. See you at the top!

  6. Last night I had a great follow-through with Chris, my guest from the Saturday seminar. He really opened up and shared his heart for an hour and a half. In his words he said that he hadn’t spoken with anyone like that in his life! I’m so proud of him for making the choice to get more information! He is planning to come out tonight!Getting ready for bed… I had a couple incidents with God’s grace that I wanted to share. I hope this is okay to share: Did you know that God said that whatever you command on earth in Jesus name it would be done? Knowing this to be true (no question about it in my heart) – last night my five month old, Kaden was swatting at his ears. I touched them and commanded my baby’s ears to be whole in Jesus name. After that he never swatted at his ears again. A little later my wife started coughing. I laid my hand gently on her throat and told it to clear up normally in Jesus name. She cleared immediately and the cough stopped. I’m not encouraging anyone to play with God’s Word. It doesn’t work like magic words. When you establish something from God’s Word in your heart and speak it firmly in love in Jesus’ name; results follow.

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