Building Numbers


I was asked to speak at Men’s Leadership tonight, and my topic is building numbers. It is an apt topic for Tina and I because this is an area that we must develop. I began thinking about why numbers matter in the TEAM environment, and how numbers in the system and at our meetings fortify our efforts to build a lasting community and a profitable business.

Mona Vie is a great product, and the comp plan is one of the best that I have ever seen, but in order to build a large business, the focus has to stay on people and relationships. Having weathered the storm of the past year of change, we all can attest to the fact that the relationships held us together even when we had no product, and those same relationships will allow us to prosper in our Mona Vie future.

If you think that community building is not a major concern then check out these stats from a book entitled “Battle cry for a generation”, by Ron Luce. The average American watches 127 hours a month of television. That equates to 52 total days in a year. At the same time the average American parent spends less than 38 minutes a month in meaningful, uninterrupted conversations with their children. When asked, 54% of American children would prefer watching television over spending time with their parents. Large media companies understand the power of building numbers in their community. Large corporations spend billions of dollars on advertising in order to capitalize on the millions of Americans plugged into that media. He that controls the inputs, controls the output, and ultimately controls the nation.

Before Team we were all caught in a system that sucked billions of dollars out of our households leaving us with out of control debt, and frustration. Now we have a chance to take back out lives. We have a chance to plug into a different source of information that will lead to different actions and in turn different habits. Mona Vie is a great direct selling business, but TEAM is an environment conducive for change and conducive for results. By building numbers of people plugged into this system we are beginning to have an effect on this world one household at a time. As we build our business we should always remember that we are not trying to “get” people into anything, we are trying to open up their minds to new information, and with that new information they can take advantage of the leverage a loyal community can bring to any market. Today Mona Vie, tomorrow…?

4 thoughts on “Building Numbers”

  1. Don’t miss a Team event, ever. Be there at every Tuesday, Monthly Seminar, Ticket Holder and Major.Each event leaves its own very unique fingerprint on your heart. Saturday night’s seminar tonight by Dean and Theresa Frey was like no other one that came before it. It was like forcing your heart open and pouring love in. I’m not just saying that. I mean it in a very specific and literal sense. To hear Dean Frey speak is like hearing a very real part of God the Father speaking. I could literally feel the love in my lower chest similar to how I felt at the last major but even then tonight was slightly different. My number one recommendation is not “sign-up in MonaVie.” Yes we want that and yes my number one recommendation will lead to that, but my number one recommendation is this – never miss a Team Event ever!…working on a new Team name. What do you think about these two? MBMS – More butts in more seats!NAP TAP – Not about products. Team about people!

  2. here is the monday report: 😉I was able to get 5 new names and numbers last week, 5 tastings, move 2 bottles of mona vie, and set up 3 follow ups for this week. i read 5 days for 30 min each and listened to 5 cds. I asked the Mona Vie questions probably 10-12 times. so… i need to work on more cds and reading. got it! ha!The seminar this past weekend was amazing. The Frey’s are some of our favorites on cds. Looking forward to the months to come. have a wonderful week! see you tuesday.

  3. I agree that relationships and association are what binds the Team together. Education helps us change and develop those relationships so we can look forward to success in all areas of our life. Thanks Raymond and Tina for your continual support and example.

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