Dream and hope

Team AO,

Aristotle once said “Hope is but a dream to those that wake.”

I read that quote this morning and now I further understand why the Team leaders place such an emphasis on the dream. When I used to hear the word “Dream”, I would immediately shut down my imagination. I had been taught that reasonable, intelligent people did not waste their time dreaming. I thought dreaming was for those uninspired flower children who never rolled up their sleeves and went to work. My mindset actually was reinforced in college and in the work place. Anyone that dared to think outside the box was ridiculed unmercifully by the logical 95%’ers that know how to succeed.

As I began to associate with the Team leaders and listen to Cd’s, I realized that there is a difference between a dreamer and an achiever. To dream and never awaken the winner within us to pursue that dream, is fantasy. And to chase results without having a dream to guide us is often fruitless and unrewarding. In my case I refused to dream because I was to busy working and thinking logically about success, so I often felt unfulfilled, and out of place. No matter what I accomplished I still felt empty without a dream. For others they have big dreams, but when they are awake they cannot connect their dream with the right activities. So what is the answer?

The answer lies somewhere between the dream and results. I believe that this gap is where many people in our industry find their most frustrating moments. Our system has books like the “Dream Giver”, by Bruce Wilkinson, to help us find the answers. Also, being around dream achievers can help us find our way to the correct path. But I feel that the most important missing element in our strive for advancement is HOPE.

Hope is the motivating force to continue in pursuit of our ultimate purpose. Hope ties the dream to the results by supplying energy to its’ owner; hope lifts the spirits of those that frustration has paralyzed; hope heals the scars of rejection; hope relieves the burden of unrewarded dedication; hope is the key to making your dreams a reality. Team AO, I heard it said that we are dealers in hope. The world teaches do not get your hopes up, and the world also produces very few achievers. Team teaches dream a big dream, and continue to have hope that your efforts over the course of time will pay off. How much time, and how much effort, God only knows, but one thing for sure if He has given you a vision of your future, then he will give you provisions to make that vision a reality. Keep dreaming and hold onto your hope a let’s get to work chasing down our dreams.

4 thoughts on “Dream and hope

  1. Fired up! Where God guides he also provides! I shared with my karate instructor and his instructor (who happened to be there too) – the Royce Gracie connection to MonaVie (see page 42 of the Dr. Schauss’ 08 Acai book), gave them both a taste and left them each with a packet of information tonight!My dream that empowers me is difficult to describe. Being a high C, I sorta run on correct information. Growing up I had so much correct information about God, martial arts and achieving grades in elementary and high school, but zero about people and money.I was once told that to respect money – one had to have a bunch of books on the topic, but no one told me how to select the books.I was told that I had to love people, but being a Godly, karate, ace student didn’t exactly put you in the popular crowd. So my perception of people including myself was heavily clouded by a lot of rejection in a small town. Not knowing about people or money caused me to have really bad self esteem and make bad decisions.Team has given me something that makes so much sense – correct information about people and money! And ultimately about myself and practical ways to improve!Who knew this was available? My dream is to do something big with it. Team is so much bigger than anything I can dream right now that I just dream of catching up and some day leading a big team!

  2. Raymond,I think Orrin said that ” hope was the belief that tomorrow will be better than today, if your willing to put in the work.” or something like that. I had never had any trouble dreaming or so I thought. I realize now that they were just fantasy, because I did not have the belief that I could ever achieve them. I was listening to a cd by Randy and Val Haugen “Fix The Process”. They talk about belief being the key to everything. They say that belief creates the action and that the action creates the results good or bad. So I had to ask myself what do I believe?. If I believe that Team is the way for me and my family to be free then there should be nothing stopping me. So I have to keep reminding myself of that when I’m afraid to make that phone call, or that contact, or when im tired when I get home from work. I have to keep reinforcing that belief because if its not strong enough than I can say ” well I can do it tomorrow, or he was not going to get in anyway why waste my time”. Randy said that every moment in you life has to do with belief so is that belief getting you closer to your dreams or farther from them.

  3. Anthony, I love getting commnet like this on the blog! I enjoy your transparency in sharing your roadblocks and the hunger you display by quoting and naming cd’s as you overcome. Team AO, maybe we have found our Doug Stroh… Anthony keep leading by example in the system and your actions will so be second nature. Proud of you man… The IL side is due for an explosion.

  4. Hi Raymond and Tina, Dean Frey said on the cd entitled Character, “Adversity introduces a man to himself”. There have been some adversity along the way in my committment to the 4 things Tina outlined, but by the grace of God I have pushed past the obstacles. I am so thankful I wasn’t introduced to a quitter! I listened to 12 cd’s, finished reading Leading Without Power and have started reading The Anatomy of Peace, and I have been asking the question. See you at the seminar.

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