Team AO,

There was a book in our system entitled “Unstoppable”, detailing the strength of the human spirit. It was filled with stories of people that were inspired by a big dream, and then motivated beyond what seems possible to achieve their goals. The book further verifies what we are taught through our system that life is mostly about just being persistent. The difference between those that achieve and those that fail is often just showing up. Last night at the open I saw so many people with guests, and getting those guests introduced to the leaders in the room. I believe now more than ever that the open meeting is critical for those planning on building the Team Mona Vie business. Tuesday does the work of at least 300 people for the leader that gets their guests into the environment.

I am genuinely excited about the Team AO future, and be on the lookout in the rank advancements for new executives soon. Jesse Dunnigans sent me this video, and it truly made me cry (which does not take much).

Click on the link and see if it inspires you to be UNSTOPPABLE! This is a father truly dedicated to helping his son live and unstopple life…



6 thoughts on “Unstoppable!

  1. I can remember when they did that. It was pretty incredible. Many never even finish the Iron Man, much less swam two miles in 60 degree water pulling a raft, bike 110 miles with a passenger, and then push a stroller for 26 miles. And all this in under maximum time limit…Speaks volumes to being committed and the power of the spirit.

  2. Hey R&T,I’ve been listening to “Life in the Zone” by Chris Brady and every time I get to track 3, I’ve repeated it over and over again. He’s talking about we only get what we picture. We only get what we picture. Get the picture. Whatever it is for you, Star 500, Star 1000, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby….get the picture. We need this team to move on….get the picture. You already can do it….picture it! If you’re pre-playing the end results in your brain and staying away from the pressure of the process you’ll laugh when Colby and Raymond say, “Did you show 15 plans?” Ha Ha Ha…….last week! Give me the marker, give the negative guy, give me the negative spouse….they don’t stand a chance…..put me in coach, put me in coach! When we get to the point where we’re not taking on the rest of the world of networking but we’re taking on the world of commerce…..we will make a splash that the outside world won’t even believe! What if we all get in the zone together as a Team? The only life to live is a life “In the Zone!” Do you see yourself as “Unstoppable?” GET THE PICTURE!That CD is fired up and speaks to us NOW!

  3. Oh my gosh, that brought tears to my eyes. That song alone makes me cry, especially seeing what that father did for his son. He definitely shows us a great example of how our Heavenly Father is towards us.Love ya’ll

  4. hey bg dawg jus wanna drop a line 2 say cass &i were out on da battle field maken things happn we moved 2 more bottles got the indivdls seems very excitd and lookn 4ward 2 coming out 2 da next tue night meetn well A/O im getting reddi 2 retire 4 the day,team lets b,inspiring to one to another and 2 keep each one uv us encouraged c u @ da tp

  5. Check out more about this story at: http://www.teamhoyt.com/I saw them at a Promise Keepers convention once. Very very heart touching! Speaking of PK… that reminds me of a great Conservative Christian Comedian that they allowed to perform. I remember getting more out of him than the entire rest of the convention. Brad is an amazing speaker!http://www.bradstine.com/I’m going to have to get his latest dvd soon. He has a very witty way of thinking through things.

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