Seven Steps to a Turn around

Team AO,

Several years ago Tina and I came across a fantastic Christian series entitled “Seven steps to a turn around.” These dynamic seven steps helped Colby and I see further in the early days of TEAM AO, and I still use these principles to teach when Tina and I are asked to conduct seminars. If we are all honest, regardless of our current spiritual, economic, social or relational positions, we can all admit that things can be better. We may be praying for relieve in some problem area of our lives or we may be trying our hardest to change our financial position only to feel like we are running in sand. In short we may be looking for a turn around in life, and the only way to experience a turn around is to begin to change.

If we study the Bible or any Biography of a person that has experienced a turn around, we will notice a pattern or steps that one must take in order to change their lives. These seven steps help me crystallize my plan for success in life, and I pray that they inspire you to greatness:

  • Step 1: Exposure – Often we do not believe that we can change our lives because we do not even know what is available. The first step is to broaden our horizons! Get out and see what is available, and Dream again. Expose ourselves to new people, new information, new situations, and of course new opportunities. I once heard a story about Derrick Brooks the all-pro linebacker for the Tampa Bay Bucs. He grew up in a disadvantaged situation, and he decided that he wanted to give back to his community by starting a foundation to help expose disadvantaged youth to a new world. He relates the story of taking a group of children for a ride out of their neighborhood, some for the first time. As they reached a wealthy neighborhood the children gawked at the beautiful homes and manicured lawns, and Mr. Brooks noticed one little girl staring at the sky in amazement. He asked her what was she looking at and she asked him what is that thing flying pointing to an airplane, and his heart dropped because this little girl’s life was so limited, that she never noticed the thousands of airplanes flying over her neighborhood a year, but once exposed to new environment, she had been inspired to look up. Are you exposing yourself to a daily dose of newness?
  • Step 2: Making Destiny Decisions – It’s one thing to be exposed to new opportunity and another to make the decision to live it. Often we find ourselves in analysis paralysis, and dancing the hokey-pokey (put your left foot in, now take your left foot out) around critical decisions in life. I heard it said that successful people are quick to make an informed decision and slow to change their minds. Unsuccessful people are slow to make a critical decision and very quick to change their minds. We may find ourselves having made a decision 100 times, as opposed to once. This metal wrestling match can cause frustration, and dishearten the strongest of leaders. Others smell indecision on us, if we do not make fast informed decisions to act the world will leave us in the dust. Times are too fast for too much analysis. Decide once to win and never look back.
  • Step 3: Transformation It’s a mind thing! All changes begin with our thinking and a renewal of our actions to form new habits. The TEAM system provides this critical mental nourishment that the committed leaders requires. Only with new information can we break away from the antiquated ideas of yesterday and walk into the bright new future of tomorrow.
  • Step 4: The tools to buildBuild according to a plan with the right tools. Often people will make it to this step and try to invent their own system and tools. Success in life is more duplication than innovation. Sam Walton the owner of Wal-Mart admitted that much of his success came from the ideas of others and he just built according to the plan. Once we have a successful plan that produces results like Power Player, then build according to that plan with no deviation.
  • Step 5: The Grace to FinishMany people in life are great starters, but few are great finishers. I watched Tiger Woods play in the US Open on Father’s Day and I watched one of the best finishers in the history of golf, close the gap and slam the door. All great ones are great finishers and finishing is often the difference in making a significant change in our lives. We may come out of the blocks slow, and gain momentum in the middle of the race, but right at the point of breakthrough, right when we are going to enter the “zone” we freeze up and start to listen to our enemies, our opposition, or our own past telling us that we cannot achieve, will not achieve, and do not deserve to achieve the victory. God has given us His grace and it is sufficient, we can make mistakes, and have a checkered past and we can still accomplish the impossible through His Grace. Now we need to extend some grace to ourselves and finish what we start.
  • STEP 6: Receiving the PromiseMany books in the TEAM system speak of God’s promises and will for our lives, and our nation has promised each of us life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But sadly many of us today use crutches that allow us to stand still, but prevent us from running on in life. Crutches like, skin color, gender, age, education, upbringing, and many others. Do not get me wrong I do not under-estimate the effects of life’s baggage that we carry when trying to make a change. But I also do not over-estimate their effects when it comes to receiving God’s promises. To carve out a new life we must stop sabotaging ourselves with negative thoughts and walk boldly towards a bright new future full of blessings for us and our families.
  • Step 7: Positive Confession: – We read a book entitled, “What do you say when you talk to yourself.” So often we say what we can’t do or what’s wrong, or how bad things are, as opposed to saying what we want things to be. I heard it said treat a man as he is and he will be worse, but treat a man as you would have him to be and he will be better. We have to speak positivity to receive positivity. Speak life to receive life. Speak victory in order to ultimately receive your victory.

TEAM AO, I am honored to be associated with such a fantastic group of leaders, and I look forward to seeing each of your achieve your own unique success. God has called you to greatness.

One thought on “Seven Steps to a Turn around

  1. Raymond, likewise we are honored to be associated with all the great Leaders on Team AO. Thanks to you and Tina for this outstanding blog. You know if a person is about to fall into a pit logic says that person would welcome someone giving the steps, instructions to turn around in order avoid the pitfall. The Team has exposed us to life changing options using the correct information from the right source. With Team, our perspective is different from the one in the past because there has been a transforming/renewing of our minds. We can leverage this Team System, using our God given wisdom to achieve our God given destiny, by God’s grace. Our dreams, struggles, victories, over-coming are there as proof to others that they too can do this. Thanks for this inspiring message of the steps to take in helping us on this turn around journey.

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