Team: The New Face of Networking

Team AO,

One of the topics that was discussed at the leaders meeting was the initiative to take TEAM Mona Vie to professionals such as doctors, therapists, dentists, and any other professional that we normally would assume untouchable when it comes to a network marketing opportunity.

It order to shed light on this topic I must take you back to our introduction to the TEAM and specifically Orrin Woodward. Colby and I were introduced to TEAM by Larry Van Buskirk a former CEO of a telecommunications company, and financial advisor. Both Colby and I had been previously introduced to network marketing business, and we both dismissed the industry because of the perceived non-professional, “bush league” pyramid sales reputation that the industry had earned. So going into this venture with Team we were leery of whether or not our friends, co-workers or neighbors would even entertain this concept. How could we both as fairly successful corporate guys (Colby as a top salesman for two Fortune 50 companies, and myself as a Senior Software Engineer for several major companies), how could we represent this as legitimate in our circles?

Larry assured us of the Team’s systematic approach to building, and through the course of time we became believers in the system and more importantly of it’s visionary leader Orrin Woodward. We attained some initial success, and we had an opportunity to spend a weekend with Orrin and this time removed any doubt of the professionalism, and vision of this organization. Being thinkers we sat for hours as Orrin told us of the history of the networking industry, and the good, bad and the ugly of many companies. I began to see even more clearly how TEAM would reshape the landscape of direct selling and offer a viable business to mainstream America.

Here what we learned…

  • TEAM for the first time in history, began as a community building company. As opposed to building a direct selling organization, TEAM builds communities of people for mutual financial benefit. The company did not own us, and if any company wants access to our community they must put together a fair, balanced and lucrative compensation plan and we will give them a loyal community.
  • TEAM provides specific education through audio recordings of current successful leaders sharing their wisdom on how to build communities. Those same leaders share the long term principles of success by recommending a book of the month, and finally we have specific no-hype training seminars that teach and recognize those leaders best implementing the system.
  • Orrin has the vision of building the Wal-mart of the Internet by focusing on enormous communities all across the country that have the combined buying power to attract large corporations that provide volume discounts, and in turn more profit to share with the community. He fully understood that this would take time and work, but he had a plan that made sense.
  • Team would bring a legitimacy to the networking industry by providing solid training, and motivation, and support without the side-door, slick tactics of some sleazy salesmen. We build communities of leaders, and leaders attract followers, and followers form a community that someone will bid for.

There was only one problem… The direct selling company that Team was associated with did not share our vision. Their business model did not perpetuate the fast growth needed to reach massive communities because they came with years of bad baggage and left many dead bodies in the wake of failed businesses. So TEAM made good on it’s promise to build loyal communities and stepped away from that company to become free agents. No one had ever done that and maintained the loyalty of the community until TEAM did it! As free agents the leaders went looking for the right company, right compensation, and right leadership, and they found Mona Vie. Now we have a company that appreciates the systematic, professionalism of our group, and Dallin Larsen the CEO of Mona Vie, stated that TEAM will lead the systematization of his company.

So why TEAM, why now? As professional community builders we are now able to take this opportunity mainstream without any apologies. The professions that we all know and respect will value an additional source of income that does not require long hours, and presents itself as world class in every way. Within the next few years Mona Vie fueled by TEAM will be a multi-billion dollar business, and those leaders that present it as such will be handsomely rewarded.

Today Team has over 60 plus open meetings every Tuesday night, 50 monthly seminars, and 6 major conventions in stadiums in the US, Canada, and Carribean. This consumer revolution is just getting started and do not be afraid to present this to eveyone you know.

10 thoughts on “Team: The New Face of Networking”

  1. Wow, what great food for thought! The New Face of Networking is in line with the world in which we are living. Technology and life in general are moving, changing and making major strides at the speed of light and those who choose not to change and adapt to the new will be swept over like a tidal wave. It is exciting being a part of the dawn of this change in networking. We will truly have great campfire stories to tell of this journey we have been on. Eventually everything in life changes (except Christ he is the same yesterday, today and forever) and ready or not we must change with change. Being the complete professionals that we are, “The New Face of Networking” is good for our growth in that it will definitely cause us to stretch, move out of our comfort zones, and put into action the things we have been taught, trained and prepared to do.

  2. Deacon and Sister Paul, I am so proud of you both for being strong constants in the organization. Your sweet spirit and willingness to serve set you apart, and I look forward to the journey to the top with leaders like you both. Thanks for your comments!Raymond

  3. I absolutely love our front door, upfront policy! Team has totally changed the way I think about networking and business. This journey has started me on an emotional roller coaster which is saying for a high C who naturally operates on logic with few incredible emotions.One day I’m high on people, then the next I feel frustrated with myself and them to no end. Then I’m excited about my business, and then I’m stewing in my old way of thinking. Either way one thing has remained constant, Team System! – I pop in a CD or read a bit and like magic I’m back in the game. I have to say one thing though… having some emotional fun on my way to being a millionaire is much more exciting than my old critical way of thinking going nowhere. The new face of networking is me! And I want to give people my all which will always get better and better as I continue to read, listen, learn and grow!PS. I got no showed last night, but I learned some great things about sponsoring up and plugged into a fantastic Team CD by the Grangers.

  4. Micah, I love your hunger and enthusiam. I know that you and a group of guys are reading “How I raised myself from failure to success in selling”, and I just finished the book last night. It is probably the best book for sponsoring people in the entire system! Let me know what you are getting as you read… You are the man!Raymond

  5. It just keeps getting better and better. I love our system, I love the association and I love what the future holds for us. We have such a great group of “Big Dog” leaders that make change easy to apply. It does get frustrating when you talk to others who say this will never work. I just smile and think about how far I will get before they realize this does work. I believe that our professionalism will encourage others to think twice about disregarding networking.

  6. Wow that is the best I’ve heard Mark Haas tonight! Never miss a Tuesday! Afterwards I called my Aunt in California, reconnected for a bit and asked if she ever heard of MonaVie. I got her email address and sent her the below email (contents compliments of leveraging Mark’s talk tonight) ********************************Aunt Betsy it was great talking to you again! Here is the link to get more info on MonaVie.http://www.the-team.biz\mv1013225Shannon and I are taking a couple ounces in the morning and again in the evening. It is delicious chilled and kind of tastes like blackberries in my opinion. It is best to get it at wholesale through the website. It is $39 to get started and I can help you place your product order. Besides the president of the USA, former vice pres, and 13 St. Louis Cardinals taking it; over 20,000 people are signing up per week in this so I wanted to get it out to you before someone else does.

  7. This post is so right on! I use to think I could put Mona Vie and Team seperate from each other, but in all reality – you can’t. You can not share Mona Vie with others AND truely help them without the Leadership that Team brings to the table. I am eager to tell everyone about Mona Vie everyday and help others accomplish their goals and dreams!Love ya’ll“Form a habit of paying at least five sincere compliments each day and watch how much smoother your relations with others become.” –How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People by Les Giblin

  8. Hey Team,Last night was an awesome “Open Meeting”! I have to agree with Micah and say that that was one of the best Open Meetings Mark Haas has done, as far as, clear, concise information. He made what we do very easy to understand. Thanks to everyone that came out to the open for filling the room with excitement and energy! My guest, Helen, stated that she felt very welcomed and enjoyed meeting some of the Leaders in the room. She is interested but her concern is financial. I asked her, in addition to that was there anything else that was holding her back and she said, “No.” So I asked her if she was willing to plug into a different set of information to get some different results and she said, “Yes.” I asked if she new anyone that would be interested and she had 2 people. So we are getting back together on Thursday to show her brother and her neighbor and to get her listening to CDs because we know in order to change our situation we must change our thinking. That’s it for now….see you at the TOP!6-THIS: 3 down/12 to go!

  9. I went to get my nails done the other day and asked the Owners if they ever heard of MonaVie. They said, “No”. I gave them some info and long story short…they are not interested in the product and so I asked if I can put a small display in the window and they said no problem. Just an idea for anyone looking for exposure!

  10. Raymond,The blogs you have been posting are awesome. I enjoy reading them and reading all the comments. Alpha Omega is full of very talented professionals and I look forward to seeing you all on stage in the near future. Jesse and I are fired up and are out there asking folks ‘Have you heard of MonaVie yet?’ We are reading and listening to CDs daily. I’m so proud of Jesse because he has been on a mission to get’er done. He has been a contacting machine. He had 2 guests at the meeting last night both of which are very interested. They both got more information. They both committed to come back next Tuesday and both will bring a friend with them. I’m blessed to have an awesome husband and leader paving the way for my family. I love you Jesse, keep leading us all the way to the top.I’m reading Attitude is Everything (for the 3rd time) and it is a fantastic read. It gets rough dealing with the chaos of corporate america and I tend to let it affect my attitude. I’ve been implementing the tips in the book and my attitude is better and I feel great. I would have never have read this book if I weren’t part of TEAM. The TEAM system is outstanding and has made a huge impact in my life in every aspect.Thank you Raymond & Tina for being such great coaches, mentors, and friends. You are truly a blessing in our lives.

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