Eyes that I might see

Team AO,

We had a great time at the Star 500 and above meeting yesterday, and congratulations to all of the leaders that qualified to breath that rare air of excellence. I enjoyed hearing from all of the leaders in attendance, and as I sat there I realized that everyone had some things in common. All of the leaders there were plugged into the system, they all were at the major except the new qualifiers, and they all were mentoring with a coach. More importantly they all were seeing through a different lens… As each leader spoke, they spoke of the positive versus the negative. Everyone mentioned what was going right as opposed to dwelling on the negative. Trust me team I know how frustrating this journey can be at times, but I have watched big leader after big leader grace the Team stage and they too have acquired these special eyes.

Eyes that see accomplishment… and are blind to failures.
Eyes that see goodness in others… and are blind to shortcomings.
Eyes that see who they are becoming… and are blind to who they were.
Eyes that see victory… and are blind to defeat.
Eyes that see it BIG, and are blind to limitations.
As we move into this new future with Mona Vie, Team is offering us a world class system designed to remove the blinders from our eyes. CD listening and reading are paramount for those leaders that this time next year will be retired. Can you see it? If not I see it for you… especially for those leaders in the Star 500 meeting: Joy, Tommy and Cassandra, Micah and Shannon, Teresa and John, Greg and Tawnya, Kevin, Ed and Rosemary, and Deloris(New Qualifier). Congrats on being there, and remember these words that Jesus said to his disciples:
Matthew 13:16 But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear.
TEAM AO… What do you see?

4 thoughts on “Eyes that I might see

  1. I see it not being uncommon for each of our Personal Enrollment trees to grow by more than ten people a week. I see us contacting with our intention up front just like Larry.I see us six this’ing with speed and control (zip it and under 25 minutes) just like Tim.I see us hosting massive tasting parties with 100% sponsor rate just like Bill.I see us sponsoring at the bottom like maniacs just like Orrin.I see our leadership revolution overtaking all areas of business. Companies and organizations that refuse to lead in any industry will succumb to the power of those who do. We are a learning community who consciously leads in everything we do. This adds new meaning to the familiar verse: whatsoever thy hand finds to do; do with all thy might.I see our growth exploding! The harvest is truly at flood stages like never before. God is using the Team culture through us to free the hearts and mind of multitudes of people at all levels. I know it sure has mine. He that hath and ear let him hear. Who has an ear? Can you hear the music? I sure can!

  2. Hi Raymond and Tina. Here is my first weekly post to let Tina know I’m taking her challenge. I am listening to an hour of cd’s every day while I work out, and reading 15-30 minutes each day between 6:15-7am. I am also contacting every person I run into about Mona Vie. ;-D I enjoy reading this blog each day and seeing what everyone else is doing. It’s free motivation!!Tawnya and Greg

  3. Hey Raymond and Tina,I just wanted to say that I am also taking Tina’s challenge for the ladies and I will be holding myself accountable here on the blog. Also, I noticed in my area that they will be having a 4th of July Celebration this weekend with a craft fair/flea market setup. I made some arrangements and we will be setting up a MONAVIE Booth! For only $10 for both days and I’m fired up about that!

  4. The power of what you see is based upon what you are looking for. For example, what if I told you to look for a face on the elephant? How many people now see something different in the picture? That is what our system does to our vision… It gives us perspective.Raymond

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